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Re: How many years NED? Give others hope

6 years. I intend to live forever. So far, so good!,:-)
IDC 6 mm l.b. 3/08 age 49; ER <1%+; PR -; KI67 40%; HER2 +++by FISH; lumpectomy/snb 4/08; extensive dcis found at surgery (didn't show in bx or mammo); micromet in sn; MRI breasts and chest 4/08-NED; re-excision l.b. 5/08; refused axillary node dissection; no ca found in re-excision tissue. TCH q 3 wk x 6 finished 10/08; whole breast rad x 7 wk finished 12/08; refused axillary and supraclavicular rad. Herceptin thru 6/09. Refused tamoxifen & aromatase inhibitors.
1/13 so far so good:-) have vestibular hypofunction from chemo but its all good since now officially on borrowed time!
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