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Re: Midwest Alice checking in

Hi Alice,

I haven't been to this site in a long time, but tonight I felt compelled to take a peek. I have no idea why, but I am so glad to read your good news. Congrats!!

Lori, age 33
*IBC (ER+,PR-,Her2+) on right diagnosed 8/09 with metastatic lymph node left axilla (Er-,PR-,Her2+) vs possible bilateral breast cancer
*A/C x4
*Taxol x4 with weekly herceptin
*Breast MRI 12/09- no improvement
*PET scan 12/09- no evidence of mets
*Tykerb/Xeloda 12/09
*Bilateral MRM 4/10
*Twice daily rads to both chest walls and both axillas 5/10-6/10
*9/10 PET/CT- NED
*Tykerb/Xeloda until 12/10
*Tykerb and Tamoxifen 12/10-current. Bye bye Xeloda
*2/11- malignant pleural effusions bilaterally (likely lymphangitic lung mets) and skin mets
Herceptin and Ixempra
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