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Re: Midwest Alice checking in

Hi, the biopsy is back and no cancer. What a great relief. Normal tissue.
I am now on a strong antibiotic because of my ear pain and throat pain. We think the pain is from an infection
I had my 3 month visit with my onc this week. He said I’m fine and I will see him in January. If the neck thing doesn’t resolve its self then call and we will look at scans as needed.
The nurse called today with my blood test result. He did a cl27-39???? (Cancer cell count in blood) Mine is 23 now, in June it was 16, 4 months before that it was 11. I understand that fewer than 32 are normal. So I feel good and so so about it all. I guess scans to early will miss anything that is very small.
So I hope this pain is cleared up with the antibiotic. I am going to start looking more into what I’m eating and drinking. And get my body healthy and ready if called back into a fight.
Thank you all … it is so wonderful to have someone to talk to that understands…… Praying for health and healing for all of us. Alice
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