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VDC 06-15-2018 12:27 AM

Cannabis anyone?
I have hesitated to log in and post this....because frankly it goes against everything I have believed for years and years! But? Here is my experience and I can't explain it. I had HER2+ hormone negative disease two years ago and surgery 20 months ago. I was told that my chances of recurrence were off the charts (the ONCO test) where I scored a 79 on that stupid test. It was predicted I had 20% chance of invasive recurrence and 20% chance of DCIS recurrence. ...all within 5 years. I did whatt I always do with medical things and researched like crazy. I ran across a study and then contacted the researcher. She was an oncologist hospice nurse doing research on the side. In the course of our conversation she shared what she was seeing with her breast cancer patients who used cannabis. Those with HER2+ disease hadf better responses to cannabis than those who were HER2-. I was intrigued but it went against everything I believed about cannabis. however, two months later I decided to give it a whirl. I was put on 125 mg of CBD and 20-25 mg of THC in a 24 hours period.

I never dreamed there would be any way to determine if it helped keep my cancer at bay or not. However, in December during my yearly MRI, a suspicious lump was noticed in my breast right in the tumor bed. I clearly knew what was coming but tried to have some hope. The biopsy was December 12th and it was found to be a very rare form of cells that is usually only found in younger women, and even then it is rare. But it wasn't cancer so I was elated! The researcher I had been working with, asked if she could share my pathology report with Dr. Sanchez from Spain who is doing cannabis research. I gave my consent as long as my name was removed. Dr. Sanchez said that my cells are exactly what she sees when she treats HER2+ BC cells with cannabis. I was (and am) still chewing on that. I was told that Dr. Sanchez was quite excited by my pathology report because it is the first indication that cannabis "might" be helpful in preventing relapse. At least for some types of Breast cancer. Apparently (and I didn't know this) HER2+ Breast cancer is about 80% likely to have overexpression of CB2 receptors which is why the THC shuts it down. However in the other 20% THC can actually INCREASE the rate of growth! This is because THC compromises the immune system and if the tumor does not have overexpression of CB2 receptors then the suppressed immune system allows for greater growth. However if the tumor does have overexpression of CB2, then THC shuts it down and quite well! Given that my tumor was HER2+ and hormone negative there was less concern for growth but even so, I decided to treat it as if I was hormone positive which is why I took 125 of the CBD and only 20-25 of the THC.

But I am still chewing on it. I had those rare cells that aren't usually found in a woman my age, AND it is the same kind of cells that Dr. Sanchez sees when treating HER2+ Breast cancer with cannabis.

Honestly, I think my cancer DID come back but the cannabis shut it down. I can't prove it. It could just be a very fluky coincidence. but it would be one in a million if it is.

Adding to my consternation is my oncologists comments when I met with her in April for my six month check up. She admitted she hasn't expected me to remain cancer free for so long. She expected my cancer to come back within the first year. She said she was puzzled but that my surgeon must have done an exceptional job! I haven't told her about the cannabis because my employer has a "0" tolerance for cannabis and I love my job! I don't want to lose it! (I teach college chemistry)

Any way, I just finally decided I should share. Becuse? Who knows? Maybe it could help someone...?

Cathya 08-20-2018 12:04 PM

Re: Cannabis anyone?
Thank you so much for this posting. With cannabis legal soon in Canada I was wondering if it could help fight this disease and your information tells me no. I wouldn't have known and might have used it without realizing the potential damage I might have done.

Bless you and all the best,


Nurse4u2day 08-22-2018 08:25 AM

Re: Cannabis anyone?
I’m just starting to do my own research in regards to cannabis to help in keeping cancer at bay. There is a Facebook group that really dives into this. It discusses the different ratios of the/cbd that they have found through research in regards to her2+ versus tnbc vs hormone positive. Each ratio is different based on the tumor pathology.

Carol Ann 08-22-2018 01:36 PM

Re: Cannabis anyone?
I am so glad you started this thread. I am going to look into the Facebook group.

Carol Ann

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