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08-23-2010, 01:43 PM
Hi all,

I'm an employee at Medline Industries, Inc., and I'm reaching out to breast cancer survivors in the New York City area. I wanted to let you all know about the opportunity to be a part of the Pink Glove Dance video sequel shoot in NYC! It will be August 28, 2010, at Broadway Plaza in Times Square.

This video shoot is for all breast cancer survivors, those with breast cancer, and previvors/women at risk. Also, you are more than welcome to bring family members!

Our first Pink Glove Dance Video was viewed over 11 million times on YouTube! Take part in this national sequel to raise awareness! (Also, the video is not a fundraiser for any group or hospital--it's for awareness)

To see the original video, learn more, and sign up go to: http://pinkglovedance.com/ (http://pinkglovedance.com/)

If you would like the official email to pass on to your friends and family, please email me at akiehl@medline.com

08-26-2010, 12:03 PM
Hi everyone!

We are 2 days away from the NYC Pink Glove Dance shoot! We still need more breast cancer survivors, patients, previvors/women at risk to show up and dance with us in Times Square!

We filmed in Chicago this weekend (check out the picture below) and the atmosphere at the shoot was awesome - it was a very exciting and inspiring day! Over 200 people showed up!

So if you're from the New York City area, please register (link below) and come out this Saturday to show us your dance moves and help spread awareness!! Please also share this with your friends and family!

Check out www.pinkglovedance.com (http://www.pinkglovedance.com) for information about the event, to view the original Pink Glove Dance video, and to learn more about what Medline is doing to help spread breast cancer awareness!


08-30-2010, 08:10 AM
Hello again!

I just wanted to post a pic from our Pink Glove Dance sequel shoot this weekend in Times Square! Thanks to all who showed up for an extraordinary day of filming!!

The video will premiere on September 17 on www.pinkglovedance.com (http://www.pinkglovedance.com/). You can follow the countdown on:
- http://twitter.com/medlineindustr (http://twitter.com/medlineindustr)
- Medline on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/medlinebreastcancerawareness?ref=ts#!/medlinebreastcancerawareness?v=wall&ref=ts)
- www.pinkglovedance.com (http://www.pinkglovedance.com)

Thanks again!