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05-10-2010, 08:08 AM
Sorry to bother you Tanya
This is the diet I am adopting for my wife
Pl see if it is OK
Morning 500Ml of milk with a dsh of coffee.No Sugar
7. AM A glass of fruit juice
8-30 AM Breakfast Museli without fruits but with nuts on day one and day 2 porridge made of local millets, along with one slice of multi grain bread and a small piece of cheese on alternate dayys
11 AM A cup of Veg Soup
12-30 PM Lunch boiled veg rice and lentils
1 PM a glass of tender coconut water
4 PM Half a glass of milk and some fruits
7PM A cup of Veg Soup
830PM Dinner Veg and rice or in leaened breads
Water in betweenn

05-10-2010, 07:06 PM
This is never a bother. I am glad to help. It looks like you have laid out a nice nutritional plan. Your wife will be getting some protein from the milk, nuts, cheese and lentils. She has some good whole grains and fiber. The vegetable soup of course covers some of the vegetable department. The plan for several small meals is also helpful, especially if her appetite is decreased. I would recommend paying attention to her weight as the diet could be low in calories depending on preparation methods. I don't know her weight status now. As she goes through treatment we usually like to keep weight stable but ifr one is overweight then 1-2# of weight loss per month may be acceptable. You may want to add another protein source in the evening too. If she tires of this pattern you can add more variety with variations to the soup or different grains.