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06-05-2009, 04:05 AM
I have a question that perhaps someone on this panel can answer.
I received my Medicaid card this week.
I went to the drug store and they would not honor it..
I also was told that EACH prescription would cost less, brandname.more for it.
I called and the person I spoke to had no answers.

I also was told that I had to come up with a safety amt of money `,May be more? this amount is due Each and every month. I have to save all of my medical stuff and mail it to our local branch.Each Month.Silly Me, I was hoping that the medicad card would take care of my medicade ( meds ) would be taken care of.
While I am greatful for some help, I still think this is large amount each month.
I need some help on this , or is this the norm.?

thanks, Charlotte

06-05-2009, 06:13 AM
Charlotte, I have to use medicaid too. I am on SSI and I have a "spenddown" each month. But, that is for my medical care help not my prescriptions. My prescriptions cost $2.40 each, unless they are not covered, then they are full price. Luckily most of mine have been covered.
The way my doctor works the spendown is, they send in the bills at the end of each month, I've never had to pay the spenddown, myself, somehow it just works itself out. It's kind of hard to understand but if your spendown is $500.00 that really sounds like a lot, you may not incur that much medical treatment time in one month. I was told that you could send in all your medical bills and pay the balance of the spenddown. They don't make it easy! Luckily my spenddown is $100.00 a month. I probably haven't explained it very well, you can call Social Services or talk to a caseworker, they will be able to explain. Geeez I'm talking in circles and finally gave myself a headache, lol!
Good luck, the system is complicated sometimes.