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03-29-2004, 09:39 AM
Munich Biotech has announced details of results presented during a recent congress of clinical investigators reporting on results of Phase I trials of MBT-0206 in cancer patients. New results have indicated that patients continuing with MBT-0206 beyond the trial period on compassionate grounds show quality of life improvements stabilization and in some cases tumor regression. In addition neither increasing cytotoxic side-effects nor drug resistance were recorded. This profile differentiates MBT-0206 from most other chemotherapies.

MBT-0206 acts via a novel mechanism specifically targeting tumor endothelial cells and inhibiting vascularization of the tumor. In the Phase I trials MBT-0206 was extremely well tolerated with no significant side effects. As many patients experienced a reduction of the pain associated with end-stage cancer at the very onset of treatment 8 patients have remained on the treatment after the trial terminated. Results from these patients show both tumor stabilization and in 4 patients a partial response which in one case led to the tumor being removed via surgery with the patient in remission. Typically cytotoxic treatments have a benefit only at the onset of treatment which declines as treatment continues with unpleasant side effects take over. In addition many tumors develop resistance to the cytotoxic compound. Results with MBT-0206 show neither of these down sides.

Data has now been gathered from a total of five Phase I trials that have enrolled over 150 patients with different types of cancer including breast prostrate colorectal and melanoma.

Dr. Karsten Ridwelski from Magdeburg Hospital in Germany commented on the results saying "MBT-0206 seems to be an exceptional drug without the usual drawback of unpleasant side effects. Normally chemotherapy gives reduced benefits throughout the time of treatment and side effects increase dramatically and these can often be more unpleasant and unbearable than the disease itself. If MBT-0206 makes it through future clinical trials to market then it will be a very important new drug to treat cancer."

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