View Full Version : SNAP!! Weight gain after chemo...FINALLY some answers!!

05-22-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi there, I found out I had Hashimotos when I had an ultrasound for an enlarged lump, BUT like I found out 12 months later the original lump is now being treated as mets, so it was my body telling me to get checked out. As for your symptoms, not necessarily all are related to the Thyroid, an ANA blood test proved long ago that I had a low grade connective tissue disorder, so I always new that, but when my symptoms got worse including dry mouth and lack of saliva, slight itching of the eyes I did some research and found out that I had an overlapping connective tissue disorder now identified as Sjrogens, and that is where the hot and cold, aches and pains, flu like symptoms, so next time you have your bloods done tell them to put in a test for you anti nuclea anti-bodies namely a ANA test just to make sure. Bottom line is your healthy cells try to kill off your other healthy cells, like we don't have enough to deal with with BC, can't be cured but treated with anti-inflammatories to relieve symptoms. Interested to hear if you are in the same category, if so their is a pattern forming to our BC. Also did you have Pagets?

Love & Big Hugs Lyn