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06-28-2004, 09:50 PM
Well, wonder where I have been, I got the result of the biopsy of my right breast and eventhough looks weird, mammo ultra sound, biopsy and scan all say OK. A relief that the gland involvement in my right neck is not a result of it spreading to other breast. I finished the radiation about 2 weeks ago and as expected the burning peaked at 10 days so I have a really sore burnt neck which is very tight so I am treating it with prescription burn cream silvazine and aloa vera spray, as well as pain meds. Along with this I am having Herceptin/Taxol/Carboplatin. I have shaved the time down to 1/2 hour Herceptin, 1 hour Taxol and 1/2 Carboplatin, this combo is not FDA approved in Australia yet, I was having a hot water bottle on my neck while having the Taxol treatments but stopped that when my burn came to surface, it worked, the blood heated up and expanded and the Taxol went straight to the neck area, courious if this would work if the ladies with other organ involvement did the same thing? Drank water while having the carboplatin and didn't get kidney pains, I have had 5 of this combo now and the good news is my neck is going down and I noticed it after the first treatment, the bad part I am now loosing my long hair, 3rd time and it has taken 4 years to get it back how it was, so oh well another 4 years to get through, but at least my heart medication, Dilatrend, is working so I feel good without having the dexamethesone (steriod before and after treatments or the anti nausea drugs) only during the treatment, so that is where I am at for now but still don't know how many of combo to have? any thoughts, this is all for the lump by the way that didn't show up on scans and ultrasound only the MRI eventhough it could be felt and seen 12 months ago and got progressively bigger.

Luv & Hugs Lyn

06-28-2004, 11:55 PM
Hi Lyn,
it sounds like your back on track. Good for you!!!
The combo you are on is a good one. I pray it keeps working for you.

06-29-2004, 12:47 AM
After everything you've been through, it's great to hear that things seem to be going pretty good.
Continued better health.

Love and light,