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  1. Scientists Open The Door To Future 2-in-1 Breast Cancer Treatments
  2. Gene Can Help Predict Chemotherapy Outcomes For Breast Cancer Patients, Study Shows
  3. Lack Of Information Fuels Cancer Screening Fears According To Review Covering Nearly
  4. Metatastic Breast Cancer - New Dosing Schedule Suggests Potential Amplified Clinical
  5. Abraxis Bioscience Launches ABRAXANE(R) In China For Women With Metastatic Breast Can
  6. Researchers Identify Key Gene In Deadly Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  7. Fifty One Genes Predict Breast Cancer Survival
  8. British Breast Screening Service Chooses Sectra MicroDose: "This Has Made Our Mammogr
  9. Dual Role In Breast Tissue For A Protein Involved In Leukemia
  10. Protein Linked To Change In Tissue That Surround And Support Breast Tumors
  11. RNA Snippet Suppresses Spread Of Aggressive Breast Cancer
  12. New Book: Are Everyday Products From Cosmetics To Household Cleaners Causing The High
  13. Sylvester Breast Cancer Researchers Win Prestigious Department Of Defense Grant To Ex
  14. Scientists Find Faster, Cheaper Way To Identify Cancer Causing Genes
  15. Likelihood Of Having Breast And Cervical Screening Associated To Wealth And Ethnicity
  16. CuraGen Announces Expansion Of CR011-vcMMAE Phase II Trial In Advanced Breast Cancer
  17. What The Immune System Reveals About Breast Cancer
  18. Lawmakers Tout Legislation To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Among Younger Women At
  19. St. Gallen Consensus 2009: A Radically Different Approach To Treating Early Breast Ca
  20. St Gallen Consensus 2009: A Radically Different Approach To Treating Early Breast Can
  21. A New Aproach on Recurrent Breast Cancer
  22. Indiana University School Of Medicine Researchers Develop Promising New Cancer Diagno
  23. Oncothyreon Announces Initiation Of Phase 3 Trial Of Stimuvax In Breast Cancer
  24. Merck Serono Initiates Phase III Study Of Stimuvax In Breast Cancer
  25. SOMOâ?˘INSIGHT Clinical Study Detects First Cancer In Mammographically Negative Breas
  26. Researchers Develop New And Efficient Breast Biopsy Technique
  27. Free Mammograms Available Through Minnesota Department Of Health - Newly Enrolled Wom
  28. South Pole Doctor And Cancer Survivor Who Treated Herself 10 Years Ago Dies
  29. A New Take On Growth Factor Signaling In Tamoxifen Resistance
  30. Scientists Discover Protein That Stops Cancer Spread
  31. New Drug Targeting Cancer Weakness Shows Great Promise
  32. Apthera Receives Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) From FDA For Pivotal Phase III Tri
  33. Stromal Marker For Breast Cancer Progression Identified
  34. Vitamin-A Derivative Provides Clues To Better Breast Cancer Drugs
  35. What Should A Teenage Girl Do If She Finds A Lump In Her Breast?
  36. Study Challenges Routine Use Of MRI Scans To Evaluate Breast Cancer
  37. Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre Pioneering Work Leads To Patient Trial Of
  38. Are Antiperspirants Linked To Current Prostate And Breast Cancer Rates?
  39. Varying Reductions In Breast Cancer Suggest Hormone Therapy To Blame
  40. Rate Of Breast Cancer In Italy Significantly Higher Than Previously Reported
  41. Trojan Horse
  42. Light Therapy Offers New Hope For Breast Cancer Patients
  43. New MRI Technique Could Mean Fewer Breast Biopsies In High-Risk Women
  44. XCounter Announces Positive Results Following Independent Clinical Evaluation Of XC M
  45. Metabolic Factors May Play A Role In Risk For Breast Cancer
  46. ABRAXANE Approved For Advanced Breast Cancer Patient Treatment In Quebec
  47. BioSante Pharmaceuticals Comments On Study Showing No Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer
  48. Saint Barnabas Medical Center Is Only Hospital In New Jersey To Offer Clinical Trial
  49. Important Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer: Newly Appreciated Membrane Estrogen R
  50. Risk Of Breast Cancer And A Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism
  51. Work Status Changes More Common Among Women Receiving Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer,
  52. Today's Selection Of Opinions And Editorials
  53. Mouse Study Shows PET Can Measure Effectiveness Of Novel Breast Cancer Treatment
  54. Preventing Breast Cancer The Focus Of 2009-2010 Susan G. Komen For The Cure Promise G
  55. Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Receive Chemotherapy If Treated In Private Practices
  56. Molecule Helps Breast Cancer Cells To Survive In The Bone Marrow
  57. Denosumab Demonstrates Superiority Over Zometa(R) In Pivotal Phase 3 Head-to-Head Tri
  58. Are Breast Cancer Patients Being Kept In The Dark?
  59. Shedding Light On Racial Disparities In Cancer Survival - 2 Studies
  60. Follow-Up Study Confirms Link Between Migraines And Reduced Breast Cancer Risk
  61. Link Between Migraines And Reduced Breast Cancer Risk Confirmed In Follow-up Study
  62. Discovery Of Possible Drug Target For One Of The Most Aggressive Breast Cancers
  63. Racial Disparities In Breast Cancer Mortality Are Not Driven By Estrogen Receptor Sta
  64. Genetic Factors Implicated In Survival Gap For Breast, Ovarian Or Prostate Cancer
  65. One In Three Detected Breast Cancers Is Overdiagnosed
  66. NICE Upholds GlaxoSmithKline Appeal For Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment, Tyverb(R)(l
  67. Link Between Migraines And Reduced Breast Cancer Risk Confirmed
  68. Scientists Link Elevated Insulin To Increased Breast Cancer Risk
  69. Blacks More Likely To Die Of Ovarian, Breast Cancer When Receiving Same Treatment As
  70. A Selection Of Recent Studies And Surveys
  71. Aperio Introduces Industry's First Digital IHC Solution With Integrated Image Analysi
  72. Link Between Breast Cancer Hormone Receptor Status And Risk Of A Second Primary Tumor
  73. Women's Way Expands Mammography Services To Eligible Women In Their 40s, North Dakota
  74. Government-Run Screening Programs Might Lead To Overtreatment Of Breast Cancer, Danis
  75. Breast Cancer Risk In Postmenopausal Women Exposed To Hormone Replacement Therapy, Co
  76. Significant Milestone Marks The Beginning Of FDA-Authorized Breast Cancer Trial
  77. DACH1 A Key Protein For Tumor Suppression In ER+ Breast Cancer
  78. Why Do Some Women Develop Breast Cancer Earlier Than Others?
  79. Cognitive Function Is Superior In Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Letrozole Versu
  80. Reminder Program Dramatically Increases Mammography Rates, Kaiser Permanente Study Fi
  81. Radiotherapy Link To Breast Cancer And Heart Disease Found
  82. Centocor Ortho Biotech Statement On The FDA ODAC Opinion Regarding DOXIL(R) For Treat
  83. New Law Expands Medicaid Coverage For Eligible Women With Breast & Cervical Cancer
  84. Quantum Immunologics, A Major Mentor Capital Investee, Starts FDA-Authorized Breast C
  85. Consensus Statement On Using APBI To Treat Breast Cancer Issued By ASTRO
  86. Quantum Immunologics Achieves Major Funding In Support Of Ongoing FDA Trials
  87. Halting Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer By Targeting MMPs
  88. Researcher Awarded $1.6 Million To Investigate Tumor Suppressor's Role In Breast Canc
  89. US Oncology Research Network Participates In Phase III Follow-up Study To BiPar's Inv
  90. Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Serious Infections
  91. Some Routine Cancer Screenings Not Proven To Reduce Deaths, Experts Say
  92. Rhode Island Hospital First In Country To Enroll Patient In New National Study For Tr
  93. Identification Of One Gene That Contributes To Breast Cancer's Aggressive Behavior
  94. Identification Of New Breast Cancer-Promoting Gene
  95. What Is Chemotherapy? What Are The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy?
  96. What Is Radiotherapy? What Is Radiation Therapy?
  97. Scientists Test New Drug Combo Against Breast Cancer
  98. Childhood Radiation Therapy Increases Future Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds
  99. Enhanced Digital Breast Imaging From US Navy-Funded Technology
  100. Daily Tasks, Quality Of Life May Be Affected After Chemotherapy, MU Researcher Finds
  101. Survey Reveals Women Aren't Doing All They Can To Support Breast Health
  102. NexavarŽ In Combination With Chemotherapy Shown To Extend Progression-Free Survival I
  103. BSI-201 Enters Phase III In Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  104. Breast Cancer Research Highlights From The American Association Of Physicists In Medi
  105. Media Advisory: Lack Of Rules For Genetic Testing Akin To Wild, Wild West, According
  106. Study Finds Estrogen Receptor-Negative Tumors Have Vaccine Targets
  107. Chicago Team Uses Artificial Intelligence To Diagnose Metastatic Cancer
  108. Mathematical Modeling Predicts Response To Herceptin
  109. Breakthrough Breast Cancer Scientists Develop New Method To Predict Patient Response
  110. Acceleron And Celgene Initiate Phase 2 Study Of ACE-011 To Treat Chemotherapy-Induced
  111. Genes Unlocked In Search For Breast Cancer Vaccine
  112. Breakthrough Breast Cancer Scientists Develop New Method To Predict Patient Response
  113. University Of Illinois Researcher Warn Cancers Set To 'Explode' In Latino/a Populatio
  114. Chinese Women Join Global Breast Cancer Trial
  115. Avastin(R) (bevacizumab) Now Approved For Use In Combination With Docetaxel For The F
  116. Popular Breast Cancer Drug Used With Certain Antidepressants Puts New Jersey Women At
  117. Breakthrough Breast Cancer Audit Reveals Striking Differences In Breast Cancer Treatm
  118. Planned Parenthood Accuses Orange County, Calif., Officials Of Blocking Breast Health
  119. Switch To Digital Mammography Leads To Increased Cancer Detection Rates
  120. Breast Cancer Radiation Guidelines Called Positive Step
  121. Bionovo Presents Positive Results From Phase 1B Trial Of Bezielle For Metastatic Brea
  122. Stem Cell 'Daughters' Lead To Breast Cancer
  123. Breast Cancer Risk May Be Affected By The Way You Eat
  124. The Advantages Of Nerve-Block Anesthesia Include Improved Pain Relief
  125. Patient Recall Rates May Be Decreased By Digital Mammography Plus Digital Breast Tomo
  126. Daily Women's Health Policy Report Summarizes Research In Breast, Ovarian Cancer
  127. Considering Combination Versus Sequential Chemotherapy In Metastatic Breast Cancer
  128. Addition Of Anaesthetic To Radioisotope Injection Reduces Pain In Patients Undergoing
  129. Women Often Opt To Surgically Remove Their Breasts, Ovaries To Reduce Cancer Risk
  130. American Society Of Breast Disease Spotlights Innovative DVD And TV Series
  131. Breakthrough Breast Cancer Scientists Reveal New Sensitive Method For Identifying Add
  132. New Effective And Reversible Cancer Drug Delivery System
  133. Common Trigger In Cancer And Normal Stem Cell Reproduction Discovered By Stanford Sci
  134. Researchers Identify Potential Target For Metastatic Cancer
  135. Breastfeeding Reduces Risk Of Breast Cancer In Women With A Family History Of The Dis
  136. Extreme Diet Linked To Changes In Breast Cancer Biomarkers And Reduced Gene Expressi
  137. Course Set For Innovations In Breast Cancer Surgery
  138. Women Who Breastfeed Appear To Have Lower Risk Of Inherited Breast Cancer
  139. The Benefits Of Cancer Screening Overestimated By The Public: Survey
  140. Breastfeeding Associated With Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer Among Women With Family H
  141. Lifting Weights Reduces Lymphedema Symptoms Following Breast Cancer Surgery
  142. In Newly Diagnosed Early Breast Cancer, MRI May Cause More Harm Than Good
  143. Fighting Cancer With Anti-Psychotic Drugs
  144. Wine May Provide Radioprotective Effect For Breast Cancer Patients
  145. New Method Takes Aim At Aggressive Cancer Cells
  146. Scientists Develop Way To Seek And Destroy Cancer Stem Cells
  147. Unhealthful Relation Between Animal Foods And Breast Cancer Not Supported By Studies
  148. Prior To Treatment In Most Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients, MRI May Be Unneces
  149. Studies Examine Microscopic Lymph Node Tumors, Lymphedema In Women With Breast Cancer
  150. Avastin Plus Commonly Used Chemotherapies Improved Progression-Free Survival (PFS) In
  151. Breast Cancer Campaign: Step Up To Beat Breast Cancer This September
  152. Low-dose Estrogen Shown Safe And Effective For Metastatic Breast Cancer
  153. Study Finds Kinetic Variable Most Useful For Identifying Malignant MRI-Detected Breas
  154. Results In 'The New England Journal Of Medicine' Confirm Novartis Drug Femara(R) Is S
  155. New Metabolic Safeguards Against Tumor Cells Revealed By Study
  156. New Targets For Treatment Of Invasive Breast Cancer Discovered By LSUHSC
  157. Progesterone Leads To Inflammation, A Breast Cancer Risk Factor, Research Reveals
  158. Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too: Students Launch Alliance To Raise Awareness Among Bot
  159. Disparities In Cancer Care Reflect Hospital Resources
  160. Breast Cancer Trial Examines Shorter Radiation Course
  161. New Prognostic Marker For Human Breast Cancer
  162. Avastin Plus Commonly Used Chemotherapies Improves Time Without The Disease Getting W
  163. Newer Drug Shows Better Survival Rates Than Tamoxifen For Postmenopausal Breast Cance
  164. Clinical Trial At The Cancer Institute Of New Jersey Examines Shorter Course Of Radia
  165. Surgeon Training Found Effective In Breast Cancer Sentinel Lymph Node Trial
  166. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation, Aug. 24, 2009
  167. Aperio Receives Second FDA Clearance For HER2 Image Analysis Application For Breast C
  168. Long-term Tamoxifen Use Increases The Risk Of ER Negative Second Breast Cancer
  169. New Route To Potential Breast Cancer Cure Discovered
  170. 2-Day Symposium Raises Concerns About Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing
  171. News From The American Journal Of Pathology, September 2009
  172. Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen Appears To Raise Risk Of Developing New Type Of Tumor, S
  173. Scientists Discover Cause Of Breast Cancer Spread
  174. New Journal Hormones & Cancer To Be Launched In 2010
  175. New Cancer-Causing Role For Protein Identified By Researchers
  176. ASCO University Adds Breast Cancer Education Module To Maintenance Of Certification P
  177. Women On The March For Cancer Research UK
  178. Swift And Accurate Breast Biopsies Via Full-Field Digital Mammography
  179. Family, Friends May Impact Breast Cancer Surgery Decision
  180. Association Between Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer And Disruption Of Sleep-Wake Rhyth
  181. Breast Cancer Intervention Reduces Depression, Inflammation
  182. Mastectomy Decisions Among Racially And Ethnically Diverse Breast Cancer Patients
  183. Breast Cancer Screening And Clinical Breast Examination
  184. Preventing Breast Cancer: Largest-Ever Review Completed
  185. FDA Clears Hologic's MammoSite(R) ML Radiation Therapy System For The Treatment Of Ea
  186. International Event Brings World's Top Cancer Doctors To Queen's
  187. Scientists Identify Gene That Predicts Post-surgical Survival From Brain Metastasis O
  188. Smokers And Overweight Women Are At Greater Risk Of Breast Cancer
  189. Contribution Of Clinical Breast Examination To Breast Cancer Screening
  190. The ASCO Cancer Foundation And BCRF Announce 2010 Comparative Effectiveness Research
  191. Australian Research Suggests HPV Vaccine Could Prevent Breast Cancer
  192. Walking Can Decrease Breast Cancer Recurrence 40 Percent
  193. Genetic Markers, Shortened Radiation Focus Of New Breast Cancer Research
  194. Childhood Cancer Survivors Show Inadequate Screening For Breast Cancer
  195. Better Surgical Options For Breast Cancer Help Survivors Return To Normal
  196. Changing Minds, Saving Lives Through Breast Cancer Research
  197. New Surgical Procedure Improves Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Patients
  198. Breast Cancer: Discovery Leads To Rapid Mouse 'Personalized Trials'
  199. Malignant Signature Identifies Possible Response To Therapy
  200. Malignant Signature Identifies Possible Response To Therapy
  201. Sleep For Women With Hot Flashes Enhanced By Seizure Drug
  202. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Reports Advances In Bavituximab Clinical Program
  203. Obesity, Alcohol Use And Smoking Increase The Risk Of Developing A Second Breast Canc
  204. Overexpressed Protein Converts Noninvasive Breast Cancer Into Invasive Disease
  205. 'Second Hit' Pushes Noninvasive Breast Cancer Towards Deadly Metastasis
  206. Study Urging Lesbian And Bisexual Women To Come Out About Breast Cancer
  207. Replication At DNA Damage Sites Highlights Fanconi Anemia And Breast Cancer Proteins
  208. Centocor Ortho Biotech Receives FDA Complete Response Letter Regarding DOXIL(R) For T
  209. New Stem Cell Identification Technology Could Cure Breast Cancer
  210. Little Information About Use And Accuracy Of Breast Cancer Tests
  211. Obesity, Drinking, Smoking Contribute To Risk Of Second Breast Cancers
  212. In Combination Treatment In Mice, Diabetes Drug Kills Cancer Stem Cells
  213. Treating Bone Loss In Breast Cancer Survivors
  214. A Step Closer To Understanding Skin, Breast And Other Cancers
  215. Medications Effective In Reducing Risk Of Breast Cancer But Increase Risk Of Adverse
  216. Blogs Comment On Health Reform, Maternal Mortality, Breast Cancer, Other Topics
  217. New Drug That Targets Inherited Breast And Ovarian Cancers May Work Against Other Can
  218. Blood Test Helps Guide Treatment And Can Impact Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Pat
  219. Increase In Cancer Risk After Northern Italian Industrial Accident
  220. News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine, Sept. 15, 2009
  221. Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Radiation Technique Delivers Proven Long-Term Benefits A
  222. Newspapers Examine Recent Research On Breast Cancer Drugs
  223. The Flip Side Of Surviving Cancer - Chemobrain
  224. Snapfish By HP Invites Consumers To "Share To Care" During Breast Cancer Awareness Mo
  225. Although Tamoxifen, Raloxifen And Tibolone Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of Invasive B
  226. Wear Ease Designs The Latest Fashions With Mastectomy Patients In Mind
  227. Pfizer To Present Research On Established Therapies And New Approaches To Cancer Trea
  228. Leading Scientist Professor Alan Ashworth To Receive Prestigious Award For Cancer Dis
  229. Distinguishing Breast Cancer-Causing Mutations From Those That Are Harmless
  230. Denosumab Demonstrates Superiority Over Zometa(R) In Delay Of Complications Due To Bo
  231. ESMO Recognizes Leading Oncologists With Prestigious Awards
  232. Long-Term Survival Improved By Switching Early Breast Cancer Patients To Exemestane
  233. Cost Of Noncompliance Revealed By Study Of Adjuvant Endocrine Treatment For Breast Ca
  234. Gene Variant Shows Strong Gender Bias For Cancer Predisposition
  235. Samsung Launches 'Everybody's Doing It' Campaign To Fight Breast Cancer With Awarenes
  236. Capecitabine Added To Standard Treatment Given Before Surgery Helps To Eradicate Tumo
  237. New Cancer Drug Test Promises Safer And More Effective Clinical Trials
  238. The Length Of Time Before Breast Cancer Worsens Significantly Improved By Sorafenib
  239. Perlegen Introduces BREVAGen? Breast Cancer Risk Stratification Test
  240. American Society Of Plastic Surgeons Hosts 78th Annual Meeting
  241. Research Needed To Learn Which DCIS Patients May Be Candidates For Less Invasive Ther
  242. Experts Recommend New Name, More Research On Nonmalignant Breast Tumor
  243. Studies Point To Strategies For Reducing Painful Breast Cancer Drug Side Effects
  244. Following Cancer Diagnosis, More Women Choosing To Remove Healthy Breast
  245. Strategies For Reducing Painful Breast Cancer Drug Side Effects
  246. Hormone Therapy And Mammograms
  247. Sorafenib/Capecitabine Combo Boosts Progression-Free Survival In Advanced Breast Canc
  248. Lack Of Social Interaction Affects Health Outcomes Of Breast Cancer
  249. Cancer Is Worsened By Social Isolation
  250. Charity Concerned That One Third Of Women Ignore Breast Screening Invite