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  1. Small Molecules Found To Play Complex Roles In Cancer Metastasis
  2. Man With Breast Cancer Denied Government Medical Insurance
  3. Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin Raises Heart Risk, Especially For Those With Diabetes Or
  4. Trastuzumab Raises Risk Of Heart Problems In The Elderly With History Of Heart Diseas
  5. Common Class Of Pain Drugs Reduces Severity Of Postpartum Breast Cancers
  6. A Higher Level Of Aromatase In Breast Tissue Is More Dangerous Than Excess Production
  7. Human Breast Tumor Evasion Of The Antitumor Immune Response
  8. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: Aug. 15, 2011
  9. Childbearing Raises Type Of Breast Cancer Risk Among African American Women, Breastfe
  10. News From The Journals Of The American Society For Microbiology
  11. Chicago's South Side Suffers Most From Unhealthy Neighborhoods
  12. Childbearing May Increase Risk Of Hormone Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer In African-
  13. Contributors To High Incidence Of Breast Cancer In African-American Women Identified
  14. Why Some Breast Cancers Develop And Recur May Be Explained By Malignant Stem Cells
  15. New Study Explores Immune System Stimulation In Battle Against HER-2/neu Positive Bre
  16. FDA Approval For Ovarian And Breast Cancer Vaccines Received By Mayo Clinic
  17. Generex Subsidiary Antigen Express Provides Update On Phase 2 Breast Cancer Immunothe
  18. 'Eureka!' Moment As Mutant Gene Identified That Causes Abnormal Chromosome Count, Lea
  19. The Effectiveness Of Estrogen-Blocking Drugs In Breast Cancer Confirmed By PET Scans
  20. Link Between Drop In Hormone Therapy Use And Reduction In Mammogram Rates
  21. The Toxicity Of Aromatase Inhibitors May Explain Lack Of Overall Survival Improvement
  22. Treatments For Breast And Colon Cancers Explored By UH Researchers
  23. Bacterium Molecule Stops Breast Cancer
  24. Adding Avastin To Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Benefits Breast Cancer Patients
  25. Starving Breast Cancer Cells
  26. Reporting On The Role Of Soy In Menopausal Health
  27. 'Pink Ribbon Dollars' Help Fill Financial Gaps For Breast Cancer Programs
  28. Adjuvant Therapy Perhaps Not Necessary For Older Breast Cancer Patients
  29. Breast Cancer Risk Drops When Diet Includes Walnuts, Marshall Researchers Find
  30. Key Function Of Mutation In Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer Gene Discovered
  31. NHS Breast Screen Program Does Not Give Women Informed Choice, It Misinforms The Publ
  32. Walnuts Reduce Breast Cancer Risk By Half In Animal Studies
  33. If Environmental Conditions Of Tumors Are Changed, The Process Reverses
  34. BRCA1 Gene Mutation Associated With Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
  35. Inherited BRCA1 Gene Mutation Associated With Better Response To Neoadjuvant Chemothe
  36. Young Women With Early Breast Cancer Have Similar Survival With Breast Conservation,
  37. Flaxseed No Help For Hot Flashes During Breast Cancer Or Menopause, Study Finds
  38. Effective New Strategy For Treating Aggressive Breast Cancer Revealed By Singapore Sc
  39. Breast Tissue Reconstruction Using Computer-Aided Design
  40. Chemotherapy Is As Effective Before Breast Cancer Surgery As After
  41. Positive Results From Phase 2 Clinical Study Of NKTR-102 In Metastatic Breast Cancer
  42. Daughters With BRCA Gene Diagnosed With Breast Cancer 8 Years Younger Than Their Moth
  43. Women Who Inherit BRCA Gene Mutations Develop Cancer Earlier Than Their Ancestors
  44. AACR To Host Second Frontiers In Basic Cancer Research Conference
  45. Gene Therapy Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Boosts Chemotherapy
  46. X-Ray Protein Probe Leads To Potential Anticancer Tactic
  47. Soy-Based Natural S-Equol And SE5-OH Supplement Containing Natural S-Equol For Menopa
  48. Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Lowered By Plant Compound
  49. Improving The Workplace For Breast Cancer Survivors
  50. In Developing Countries, More Women Dying From Breast And Cervical Cancer At A Younge
  51. For Breast Cancer Survivors, Depression And Pain Increase Fatigue
  52. Breast Cancer Growth May Be Suppressed By Protein Discovered At LSUHSC
  53. Uncovering Pathways To Cancer Progression May Lead To Identification Of Targeted Ther
  54. Alcohol Metabolism Causes DNA Damage And Triggers A Breast Cancer-Related DNA Damage
  55. Protein Critical To Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation, Migration Discovered
  56. Stress Linked To How Aggressive A Breast Cancer Might Be
  57. Mammography Use Up For U.S. Immigrants
  58. Depression Affected Preventive Health Screening Among Latina Breast Cancer Survivors
  59. Higher Incidence Of Secondary Breast Cancer Seen Among Black Women Regardless Of Age
  60. Association Found Between Stress And Breast Cancer Aggressiveness
  61. When To Administer Food And Drugs Together
  62. Test Could Detect Breast Cancers Earlier In Young, High-risk African-American Women
  63. MRI Screening For Breast Cancer Benefits High-Risk, Underserved Women
  64. Another Step Toward Resisting Breast Cancer
  65. Mastectomy Mystery; Why It's A Choice When Cancer Isn't Evident
  66. Cellular Origin Of A Rare Form Of Breast Cancer Identified
  67. Non-Disease Virus Kills Breast Cancer Cells In Lab
  68. Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Risk Treatment Discrimination
  69. Shortcomings In Patient Care For Elderly Breast Cancer Patients
  70. Researchers Identify New Genes That Determine Breast Cancer Prognosis
  71. Automatic Speech Recognition Error Rate In Breast Imaging Reports
  72. Breast Cancer Cells Destroyed In Laboratory By Virus
  73. Trastuzumab Emtansine Keeps Types Of Breast Cancer In Check
  74. Synchronous Chemoradiation Lowers Risk Of Breast Cancer Coming Back
  75. Zoledronic Acid Plus Chemotherapy Reduces Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence In Post-Me
  76. Novartis’s Afinitor Curbs Breast Cancer in ‘Game-Changing’ Study
  77. Afinitor (Everolimus) Prolongs Advanced Breast Cancer Patients' Progression Free Surv
  78. Synchronous Chemoradiation Reduces Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence
  79. New Cancer Drug Combination Significantly Delays Breast Cancer Progression
  80. Breast Cancer Relapse Prevented For Up To 8 Years By Aromatase Inhibitor Letrozole
  81. Regular Biopsies Needed To Ensure Correct Treatment In Breast Cancer Patients Who Rel
  82. Zoledronic Acid Reduces The Recurrence Of Breast Cancer In Post-Menopausal Women
  83. Phase II Study Shows New Cancer Drug Combination Significantly Delays Breast Cancer P
  84. Potential Treatment For Advanced Post-Menopausal Breast Cancer Patients Resistant To
  85. Breast Cancer Services Not Fully Utilized By Women With Breast Cancer With No Genetic
  86. Manuka Honey Shows Potential For Radiation-Induced Dermatitis
  87. Drug Used To Protect Bone May Extend Survival In Older Breast Cancer Patients
  88. October Breast Cancer Awareness Hits The White House
  89. 89 Percent Of Women Said Mammograms Vital To Their Health According To New National P
  90. Mammographic Surveillance Increases Breast Cancer Survival
  91. Pump Action Shut Down To Break Breast Cancer Cells' Drug Resistance
  92. What Is A Breast Self Exam? Are Breast Self Exams Useful?
  93. Resveratrol Blocks The Growth Effects Of Estrogen By Reducing The Specific Breast Can
  94. Can Beta-Blockers Stop Spread Of Breast Cancer?
  95. Mammography Examinations Raise Survival Rates Of Breast Cancer Patients
  96. How To Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer - Dietitians' Viewpoint
  97. IRB Barcelona Spin-off To Develop A Diagnostic Kit And New Treatments For Metastasis
  98. Testing For Breast Cancer Mutations, Not For Everyone
  99. Cell Movement Provides Clues To Aggressive Breast Cancer
  100. Burden Of Breast Cancer Deaths Shifts To Poor: American Cancer Society Report
  101. Predisposition To Breast Cancer May Be Increased By BPA Exposure In Utero
  102. Safer Breast Implants Likely With The Help Of Nanotechnology
  103. Raising Awareness Of Male Breast Cancer As Cases Increase
  104. Hologic Announces Six-year Follow-up Results From The MammoSite Targeted Breast Irrad
  105. Survival Increased Significantly In Early Stage Breast Cancer After Treatment With He
  106. Potential New Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer
  107. Male Breast Cancer Survival Rates Better Than Women's
  108. Pain From Chemotherapy Drugs Could Be Eased By Component In Marijuana
  109. Small Molecules Can Starve Cancer Cells
  110. Bone Loss Side Effects Of Breast Cancer Medication Prevented By Drug
  111. Lesbians And Bi-Sexual Women Show Increased Breast Cancer Risk
  112. PADI And Duke University Medical Center Explore The Benefits Of Scuba Diving For Brea
  113. Higher Incidence Of Rare Breast Tumor In Hispanic Women
  114. Researchers Examine BPA And Breast Cancer Link
  115. Combo Hormone Therapy That Leads To Breast Tenderness In Women Associated With Increa
  116. Obese Women Have Higher Risk Of Suffering Breast Cancer
  117. Mammograms Have High Rate Of False Positives
  118. Researchers Discover That Same Gene Has Opposite Effects In Prostate, Breast Cancers
  119. Protein That Fuels Lethal Breast Cancer Growth Emerges As Potential New Drug Target
  120. False Positive Mammograms Affect Most Women After A Decade
  121. Discovery Of A Cell Mechanism That Reduces Effectiveness Of Breast Cancer Treatment
  122. Radiotherapy Nearly Halves Breast Cancer Recurrence After Breast Conserving Surgery
  123. Protein In Breast Cancer Cell Nucleus Potential Target For New Medications
  124. Higher Levels Of Estrogen, Testosterone, Linked To Increased Breast Cancer Risk
  125. Advantages Of Lerozole Over Tamoxifen In Breast Cancer
  126. Breast Cancer Risk Higher If Estrogen Or Testosterone Levels Higher
  127. Experimental Biomedical Research Fails To Bridge The Gap Between Test Tubes, Animals,
  128. Association Between Alcohol And Cancer Mortality
  129. 'Pushing Limits' - New Drug Strategies For Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis
  130. High Hormone Levels Raise Risk Of Breast Cancer
  131. Discovery May Predict Probability Of Breast Cancer Metastasis
  132. Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Benefits Women Significantly Soon After Proced
  133. Breast Cancer Detected From Screening Survival Rates Lower Than Expected
  134. Probability Model Estimates Proportion Of Women Who Survive Breast Cancer Detected Th
  135. Women's Psychosocial And Sexual Well-Being Improves Following Advanced Post-Mastectom
  136. Planning For Life Beyond A Cancer Diagnosis
  137. Women In Rural Areas More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Most Serious Form Of Breast Can
  138. Singling Out The Real Breast Cancer Among The Lumps
  139. The Role Of Fat In Assessing Breast Cancer Risk
  140. Through-The-Nipple Breast Cancer Therapy Shows Promise In Early Tests
  141. Nipple Sparing Mastectomy gives Breast Cancer Patients A Third Safe Surgery Option
  142. Avastin (bevacizumab) - Many Doctors Disagree With FDA Ruling
  143. Aeterna Zentaris: FDA Grants IND To Investigator At University Of Miami School Of Med
  144. Preclinical Testing Shows Improved Effectiveness Of New Oncolytic Virus
  145. Nipple Sparing Mastectomy
  146. Nanoprobes And SQUID Provide High Tech Detection Of Breast Cancer
  147. More Clues To Causes Of Breast Cancer Revealed By Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers
  148. No Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer For Non-Carriers In Families With BRCA Gene Mutati
  149. Women Who Don't Have BRCA Mutation But Have Relatives Who Do Do Not Face An Increased
  150. Breast Cancer Survival Improves By Switching Drugs, Trial Shows
  151. Link Between High Levels Of Master Heat Shock Protein And Poor Prognosis In Breast Ca
  152. Golden Membranes Pave The Way For A Better Understanding Of Cancer And The Immune Sys
  153. Low Levels Of Alcohol Consumption Associated With Small Increased Risk Of Breast Canc
  154. Breast Cancer Risk And Low Alcohol Consumption
  155. Novel Technique Switches "Triple-Negative" Breast Cancer Cells To More Treatable, Hor
  156. Discovery Whilst Studying Why Measles Spreads So Quickly Has Implications For Ovarian
  157. Depression And Breast Cancer Outcomes Linked
  158. Association Of Alcohol With Risk Of Breast Cancer: New Analysis From The Nurses' Heal
  159. Critical Step To Opening Elusive Class Of Compounds To Drug Discovery Achieved By Scr
  160. Toxins In Fungi May Raise Future Breast Cancer Risk In Young Girls
  161. Employers Need To Tackle Culture Of Ignorance Around Breast Cancer Survivors Who Work
  162. Study Finds Advances In Breast Cancer Don't Extend To Older Women
  163. Cancer-Causing Protein Strongly Tied To Hormone Resistance In Breast Cancer
  164. Low Rates Of Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy In Canada
  165. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: Nov. 7, 2011
  166. Metastatic Breast And Ovarian Cancer Vaccine - Promising Results
  167. The Women Not Benefiting From Breast Cancer Treatment
  168. Computer Trained To Evaluate Breast Cancer
  169. Evelyn H. Lauder Dies Of Non-Genetic Ovarian Cancer
  170. Halting The Spread Of Breast Cancer - New Target Identified
  171. Joint Pain Linked To Commonly Used Breast Cancer Drugs
  172. Signaling Pathway Linked To Inflammatory Breast Cancer May Drive Disease Metastasis
  173. Blood Test Within Weeks Of Treatment Shows Benefit Of Novel Drug In Breast Cancer
  174. Advanced Breast Cancer - First Worldwide Guidelines
  175. Neurological Impairment Associated With Chemotherapy
  176. Mammograms: How Often Should Women Have Them?
  177. In Mouse Model, Combination Therapy Shows Potent Tumor Growth Inhibition
  178. Resistance To Common Breast Cancer Drug May Be Overcome By Histone Deacetylase Inhibi
  179. Alcohol Not Recommended For Girls With Family History Of Breast Cancer
  180. Discovery Of Key Aspect Of Process That Activates Breast Cancer Genes
  181. Drug-Related Side Effects A Problem For Male Breast Cancer Patients Taking Tamoxifen
  182. Fundamental Molecular Mechanism In Development Of Breast Cell Epithelium Is Altered I
  183. Tamoxifen Causes Significant Side Effects In Male Breast Cancer Patients
  184. Breast Cancer Progression - PBX1 Is Identified As A New Pioneer Factor
  185. Breakthrough In Loading Gold Nanorods Into Cells Could Lead To New Cancer Treatment
  186. Malaria Drug Studied For Treatment Of Metastatic Breast Cancer
  187. Avastin Approval For Breast Cancer Removed, FDA
  188. Omega-3 Supplementation May Reduce Joint And Cognitive Side Effects Of Breast Cancer
  189. A New Pioneer Factor Identified Underlying Progression In Breast Cancer
  190. Performing And Teaching Breast Examinations For Early Breast Cancer Detection
  191. Breast Cancer - MRI Does Not Help, Even Though Usage Grows
  192. Breast Cancer Genetic Profiling Had Not Achieved Personalized Medicine Yet
  193. No Breast Cancer Screening For Women Aged 40-49, New Canadian Guidelines
  194. Breast Tenderness With Combo Hormone Therapy May Signal Breast Cancer
  195. Genetic Rearrangements Drive 5 To 7 Percent Of Breast Cancers
  196. Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Cost Lives
  197. Reform Needed In Cancer Screening
  198. No Link Between Depression, Anxiety And Delayed Resolution Of Abnormal Mammograms, Pa
  199. IOM Report On Breast Cancer And The Environment: Release Date Dec. 7
  200. Metformin Prevents Tumors From Growing In Human Cultures
  201. Mammotome Marks Key Milestones As It Grows U.S. And Global Presence
  202. Biopsy Of Recurrent Breast Cancer Can Alter Treatment
  203. Link Between Breast Cancer Type And Paternal Cancer
  204. Mammography Screening At 40 Supported By New Study
  205. Breast Cancer Progression Halted By Gene
  206. Exercise Benefits Breast Cancer Survivors, Patients With Lymphedema, Say Researchers
  207. New 'Achilles' Heel' In Breast Cancer: Tumor Cell Mitochondria
  208. MU Researchers Recommend Exercise For Breast Cancer Survivors, Lymphedema Patients
  209. Neurotransmitter Might Improve The Treatment Of Cancer
  210. Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy And Prolonged Fatigue
  211. Brachytherapy Was Associated With Twofold Increased Risk For Mastectomy, Complication
  212. Diabetes And Obesity Increase Risk For Breast Cancer Development
  213. Mammography Screening Reduced Risk For Death From Breast Cancer By Half
  214. Advanced Age Should Not Deter Women From Breast Reconstruction After Cancer
  215. Triple Drug Combo Eradicates 50% More Tumors In HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Than Stan
  216. Chemotherapy Lowers Breast Cancer Mortality By One Third - 100 Trials Demonstrate
  217. Predicting Risk For Recurrence For Patients With DCIS Breast Cancer
  218. In Early Vs. Late Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer, Molecular Differences May
  219. Computer Aided Design Advances Breast Reconstruction
  220. After Partial Breast Irradiation, Side Effects, Complications, Mastectomy More Likely
  221. Clodronate Appeared Safe, Modestly Affected Breast Cancer Disease Events
  222. Identifying Interventions To Delay Or Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrences After Tamoxif
  223. Many Women Not Receiving Recommended Breast Cancer Adjuvant Treatment
  224. New Protocols Improve Detection Of MicroRNAs For Diagnosis
  225. Combination Of Everolimus And Exemestane Improves Progression-Free Survival For Women
  226. Addition Of Bevacizumab To Conventional Therapy Improved Progression-Free Survival In
  227. Exemestane Plus Everolimus Increased Progression-Free Survival For Women With Metasta
  228. Dual HER2 Blockade Significantly Extends Progression-Free Survival
  229. Breast Cancer Mortality Higher In Hispanic Women
  230. Obesity Linked To Worse Outcomes In Early Breast Cancer Treatment
  231. Oral Bisphosphonate Did Not Improve Prognosis For Patients With Breast Cancer
  232. Steps Women Can Take To Lower Breast Cancer Risk, Report
  233. Women With Previously Treated Advanced Breast Cancer Benefit From Addition Of Everoli
  234. Diabetes And Obesity Increase Breast Cancer Risk
  235. Brachytherapy Doubles Mastectomy Risk And Complications
  236. Starch Consumption Raises Risk Of Breast Cancer Coming Back
  237. Anastrozole With Fulvestrant Can Lengthen Lives Of Women With ER+ Metastatic Breast C
  238. Immediate Bisphosphonate Use With Endocrine Therapy Reduced Recurrence And Increased
  239. Experimental Drug Targets Breast Cancer Stem Cells
  240. Proteins Do Not Predict Outcome Of Herceptin Treatment In HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
  241. Intermittent, Low-Carbohydrate Diets More Successful Than Standard Dieting, Present P
  242. Starch Intake May Influence Risk For Breast Cancer Recurrence
  243. Scientists Show How BRCA1 Cancer Gene Mutations Harm Breast Cells
  244. One In Three Women With Secondary Breast Cancer Needlessly In Pain, Study
  245. Routine Breast Screening May Do More Harm Than Good
  246. Gene Mutation Is A Risk For Breast Cancer Survivors
  247. Loss Of RB In Triple Negative Breast Cancer Associated With Favorable Clinical Outcom
  248. Starch Intake May Influence Risk For Breast Cancer Recurrence
  249. Puma Biotechnology Announces Positive PB272 (Neratinib) Phase II Data At CTRC-AACR Sa
  250. Potential Breast Cancer Prevention Agent Found To Lower Levels Of 'Good' Cholesterol