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  1. Breakthrough reveals first ever complete structure of a nuclear hormone receptor on h
  2. Intervention program boosts survival in breast cancer patients
  3. Study suggests Siemens non-invasive blood test may have a role in monitoring breast c
  4. Palladin may play important role in metastasis of breast cancer cells
  5. Early detection program for men with a high prostate cancer risk
  6. Exercise can lower a woman's overall risk of cancer
  7. Celprogen introduces in vivo model for human glioblastoma
  8. Latina women more likely to regret breast cancer treatment decisions
  9. Early breast health education may be key to lowering breast cancer mortality rates
  10. Calorie restriction and exercise show breast cancer prevention differences in postmen
  11. ER/PR negative tumors associated with insurance status
  12. Dilon Technologies Forms Alliance With Terason Ultrasound to Offer Expanded Diagnosti
  13. Cancer drug bevacizumab linked to significantly increased risk of blood clots
  14. Group therapy extends lives of bc patients.
  15. Breast Cancer Recurrence Debate Rages.
  16. Dilon Technologies forms alliance with Terason Ultrasound in diagnostic imaging
  17. Reduced-calories and exercise can modify a postmenopausal woman's risk of breast canc
  18. Power3 Medical Files Two CIP Patent Applications for BC-SeraPro Breast
  19. Study identifies causes of bone loss in breast cancer survivors
  20. Two new compounds show promise for eliminating breast cancer tumors
  21. Amgen, Takeda and Millennium update on phase 3 trial of Motesanib in non-small cell l
  22. Scientists find DNA repair 'scissors' after 18 year hunt
  23. Power3 Medical files two patent applications for breast cancer blood test
  24. Type of breast reconstruction impacts radiation therapy outcomes
  25. Bionovo Presents Positive Results from Phase 1B Trial of BZL101 for Metastatic Breast
  26. Nanoparticle reports on drug delivery to breast tumors, predicts response to therapy
  27. New compounds break up cancer-causing protein STAT3 and destroy breast cancer tumors.
  28. Bionovo to present phase 1B trial results of BZL101 in metastatic breast cancer
  29. Type of breast reconstruction procedure impacts radiation therapy outcomes
  30. Does hormone treatment predispose patients to breast cancer?
  31. Lung Cancer Needs Awareness Too
  32. Lung cancer facts
  33. Study identifies double-balloon enteroscopy as cost-effective approach for obscure GI
  34. Mammograms may detect some cancers that would have otherwise regressed
  35. Mammograms may pick up breast cancers which would have disappeared
  36. Double-balloon enteroscopy offers cost-effective approach for obscure GI bleeding
  37. Caltech scientists develop 'barcode chip' for cheap, fast blood tests
  38. Cancer cell 'bodyguard' turned into killer
  39. Mammogram most effective 12 months after radiation treatment
  40. Tracking and feedback registry may reduce racial disparities in breast cancer care
  41. Mammogram most effective 12 months after radiation
  42. Scientists develop 'barcode chip' to revolutionize diagnostic medical testing
  43. Scientists develop peptide that converts Bcl-2 protein from a cancer cell's friend to
  44. CSHL scientists show how a protein that determines cell polarity prevents breast canc
  45. New Canadian mental health charity announced
  46. Scribble protein found to be an important regulator of breast cancer
  47. Master gene plays key role in blood sugar levels
  48. New statistical model could help reduce breast-lesion biopsies
  49. New method could help reduce breast-lesion biopsies
  50. Curbing hormones' effects in obese patients could aid against breast cancer
  51. Eating eggs when pregnant affects breast cancer in offspring
  52. European ancestry increases breast cancer risk among Latinas
  53. FDA Approves Duramed's Synthetic Conjugated Estrogens-A Vaginal Cream
  54. Breast cancer in men: Mammography and sonography findings
  55. Breast cancer treatment offers better outcome to women with implants
  56. Dual-head gamma camera increases ability to detect breast tumors not seen on mammogra
  57. Breast cancer increases with radiation delays
  58. Male breast cancer
  59. Dual-headed dedicated gamma camera accurately detects small breast tumors
  60. EGFR inhibitors show promise for obesity
  61. Eating eggs when pregnant may help prevent breast cancer in offspring
  62. Latin women of European ancestry at greater risk for breast cancer
  63. New cream for vaginal dryness approved
  64. Mylan settles with Novartis on Femara
  65. Lapatinib benefits women with HER2-positive breast cancer
  66. Molecular breast imaging technique shows greater sensitivity over mammography, ultras
  67. Positron emission mammography effective in detecting breast cancer
  68. Drop in cancer deaths tied primarily to gains in behavior and screening
  69. Are we finally winning the war on cancer?
  70. Broccoli compound targets key enzyme in late-stage cancer
  71. Molecular Breast Imaging Identifies Occult Cancer
  72. Novel basis identified for tamoxifen failure
  73. New breast imaging technology targets hard-to-detect cancers
  74. Breast-specific gamma imaging identifies hidden breast cancer
  75. Anti-oestrogen drugs may promote more harmful cancer cell behaviour
  76. Broccoli compound, indole-3-carbinol targets key enzyme in late-stage cancer
  77. Angled gantry technique reduced breast radiation exposure by 50 percent
  78. Novel angled gantry approach reduces breast radiation exposure
  79. Migraines linked to lower risk of breast cancer
  80. Marathon champion McCann loses second battle with cancer
  81. New approaches to prevent blood clots
  82. M. D. Anderson to hold first international conference on inflammatory breast cancer
  83. Cryoablation of Early Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer With MRI Confirmation Shows Promi
  84. Gene Networks May Predict if Leukemia is Fast- or Slow-Growing
  85. Marital problems lead to poorer outcomes for breast cancer patients
  86. deCODE to Integrate New Genetic Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes Into Its deCODEme(TM)
  87. Confusing risk information may lead breast cancer patients to make poor treatment cho
  88. Einstein researchers discover protein that contributes to cancer spread
  89. Glowing imaging compound allows detection of viable cancer cells in mice
  90. Discovery of protein that may cause breast cancer to spread
  91. Networks of interactive genes may predict Leukemia's development
  92. Relationship woes hinder breast cancer recovery
  93. Mammography screening in women over 80
  94. Untimely death of Kerryn McCann a stark warning
  95. UK kidney cancer patients face toxic, out-dated treatments with little hope of change
  96. Conquering cancer: A global effort
  97. Overweight children may inherit faster eating behaviour
  98. Nonhormonal treatment regimens improve survival in patients with metastatic breast ca
  99. PreMD files provisional patent application for new method of quantifying cancer bioma
  100. Cancer drugs in the pipeline
  101. Mayo Clinic researchers find tamoxifen's power comes from endoxifen
  102. Meta-analyses of global trials finds in favor of aromatase inhibitors
  103. Estrogen pills can benefit women with metastatic breast cancer
  104. Magnetic resonance imaging alternated with mammography may be best for high-risk wome
  105. Zometa (zoledronic acid) shown to enhance chemotherapy in reducing breast tumor size
  106. Early-stage breast cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors at increased risk of rec
  107. Femara(R) (letrozole) FIRST Aromatase Inhibitor to Indicate Overall Survival Benefit
  108. Planned safety analysis of a breast cancer prevention study reveals encouraging news
  109. Biomarkers: What can they tell us
  110. Breast cancer risk varies in young women with benign breast disease, Mayo Clinic rese
  111. Major deCODE-led Study Underscores Role of the Brain in Obesity
  112. Mayo Clinic research on tamoxifen leads to recommendation for CYP2D6 gene test
  113. Exciting discovery could 'stop cancer from killing people'
  114. Computer-aided detection (CAD) mammography for breast cancer screening
  115. New research moves us one step closer to personalised breast cancer treatment
  116. How tamoxifen prevents breast cancer in some women but not others
  117. Doxil and docetaxel combination treatment delays disease progression in metastatic br
  118. Tau protein expression predicts breast cancer survival in an unexpected way
  119. Three studies of bioTheranostics molecular breast cancer diagnostics presented at sym
  120. Atypical hyperplasia increases risk of developing breast cancer
  121. Having dense breasts increases breast cancer risk
  122. Planned safety analysis of a breast cancer prevention study reveals encouraging news
  123. Postmenopausal patients being considered for tamoxifen therapy should be tested for C
  124. Breast cancer genome shows evolution, instability of cancer
  125. Gene subnetworks predict cancer spread
  126. Diet may cut risk of breast cancer recurrence in women without hot flashes
  127. Fruits, vegetables and fiber may cut risk of breast cancer recurrence in women withou
  128. Breast cancer genome shows instability of cancer
  129. Gene subnetworks provide new prognostic markers for breast cancer
  130. Modified gene targets cancer cells a thousand times more often than healthy cells
  131. Researchers compile 'molecular manual' for 100s of inherited diseases
  132. Researchers make a molecular manual? for hundreds of inherited diseases
  133. Weakened RNA interference reduces survival in ovarian cancer
  134. Women double fruit, veggie intake with switch to Mediterranean diet plan
  135. Levels of two proteins impact survival in ovarian cancer
  136. Women double fruit and vegetable intakes with switch to Mediterranean diet
  137. New molecular information on hundreds of inherited diseases
  138. Researchers create 'suped up' gene that forces cancer cells to self destruct
  139. Why extra-virgin olive oil is so good for you
  140. Merck KGaA acquires manufacturing rights for Stimuvax from Oncothyreon
  141. Obesity increases lymphedema risk for breast cancer survivors
  142. Merck KGaA acquires manufacturing rights for Stimuvax from Oncothyreon
  143. Overweight or obesity increases lymphedema risk for breast cancer survivors
  144. Scientists find gene that is a powerful predictor of colon cancer metastasis
  145. Cancer is on the increase in Australia
  146. Baby girl due soon will be minus breast cancer causing gene
  147. Time to celebrate? Be warned! One tipple a day increases the risk of cancer
  148. Barcode chip enables cheaper, faster blood testing
  149. Smokers advised to wait until after New Year to quit
  150. How to enhance non-thermal effects of ultrasound
  151. New Tool Developed to Predict Colorectal Cancer Risk
  152. Young blood fights cancer
  153. New online tool for calculating colorectal cancer risk
  154. New blood fights cancer
  155. Bionovo Publishes Discoveries in Predictable Tissue Selectivity for Selective Estroge
  156. Dormant cancer cells rely on cellular self-cannibalization to survive
  157. Inherited Factors Play an Important Role in Breast Cancer Progression
  158. Gene plays dual role in breast cancers with poor prognosis
  159. 'Relocation' plan of metastatic cancer cells uncovered by Stanford researchers
  160. Bionovo publishes discoveries in predictable tissue selectivity for selective estroge
  161. Dormant cancer cells rely on cellular autophagy to survive
  162. Cancer cells pull off 'Houdini' escape to evade chemotherapy
  163. Inherited factors play key role in breast cancer
  164. Researchers gain new insight into cancer metastasis
  165. Metadherin gene linked to metastasis of breast cancer
  166. Metadherin gene plays dual role in breast cancers with poor prognosis
  167. Physical activity may not be key to obesity epidemic
  168. Onyx Pharmaceuticals Acquires Option to License Novel Highly Specific JAK2 Inhibitors
  169. Exercise may not be key to obesity epidemic
  170. Sun Pharmaceutical receives FDA approvals for 4 generics
  171. Scientists visualize the mechanism of synthesizing estrogen
  172. Hormone therapy associated with reduced colorectal cancer risk
  173. Stanford Researchers Uncover Link Between Two Aging Pathways in Mice
  174. Researchers find link between two aging pathways in mice
  175. Estrogen plus progestin therapy may decrease risk of colorectal cancer
  176. Researchers Discover New Genes That Fuse in Cancer
  177. Natural 'defence' gene reveals how oestrogen fuels cancer
  178. Scientists unlock secret to overeating
  179. Researchers find genes that fuse in cancer
  180. Meta-analysis confirms value of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy for women with BR
  181. Novel technique changes lymph node biopsy, reduces radiaiton exposure
  182. Photoacoustic tomography changes lymph node biopsy, reduces radiaiton exposure
  183. Research confirms value of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy for women with BRCA mu
  184. Researchers identify new protein that triggers breast cancer
  185. Discovery of new protein that triggers breast cancer
  186. Reduced breast cancer risk: Physical activity after menopause pays off
  187. Exercise after menopause lowers breast cancer risk
  188. Breast Cancer Survivors Call for More "Survivorship Care" from Primary Care Physician
  189. Mammograms on offer at Myers!
  190. Breast cancer four times more likely in women with strong family history
  191. Survivorship care after breast cancer, call for more action
  192. Virotherapy treatment kills prostate cancer cells
  193. Aspirin shown to help prevent liver damage
  194. Researchers identify risk factors for contralateral breast cancer
  195. An individualized approach to breast cancer treatment
  196. Consumers desire more genetic testing, but not designer babies
  197. Fluorescent proteins illuminating biomedical research
  198. Study examines risk factors for cancer in unaffected breast of breast cancer patients
  199. Researchers refine breast cancer identification
  200. New tools that spotlight individual cellular molecules are transforming biomedical re
  201. Researchers identify risk factors for breast cancer in the opposite breast
  202. Genetic testing may not lead to demand for 'designer babies'
  203. Study may help breast cancer patients make more informed treatment choices
  204. Many women who survived childhood cancer do not undergo recommended breast cancer scr
  205. Plums poised to give blueberries run for the money
  206. UK breast screening information has serious shortcomings
  207. Public information about breast screening in UK has serious shortcomings
  208. Many women who survived childhood cancer do not undergo recommended breast cancer scr
  209. New technology analyzes breast cancer tumours to determine best treatment option
  210. Screening May Eventually Reduce Additional Breast Surgery
  211. Shift Workers' Body Clocks Studied to Prevent Certain Cancers
  212. New CDC Study Assesses Impact of Genetic Testing on Health Outcomes
  213. A DATE with breast cancer: Shortened gene region linked to breast cancer
  214. Study identifies potential 'safe period' for hormone replacement use
  215. Shift workers' body clocks studied to prevent certain cancers
  216. New imaging technique distinguishes breast cancer cells from normal cells
  217. New CDC study assesses impact of genetic testing on health outcomes
  218. Shortened gene region linked to breast cancer
  219. New technology rapidly detects tumor response to chemotherapy
  220. New technique images tumor vessel leakiness to predict breast cancer chemotherapy out
  221. PET/CT may improve prognosis for patients with inflammatory breast cancer
  222. Radiologists overestimate their overall risk of malpractice lawsuits in breast imagin
  223. Mammography utilization in the United States decreases: A state-level look
  224. Use of mammography in U.S. decreases
  225. Risk of malpractice lawsuits in breast imaging overestimate by radiologists
  226. UNC study: Tinkering with the circadian clock can suppress cancer growth
  227. Stroma genomic signature predicts resistance to anthracyclin-based chemotherapy in br
  228. Study shows that primary care doctors miss opportunities to recommend colon cancer sc
  229. Green tea may negate the effects of a common cancer therapy
  230. Compounds could be new class of cancer drugs
  231. 19 percent of breast cancer patients don?t receive recommended radiation after mastec
  232. New inhibitors could be new class of cancer drugs
  233. Primary care doctors miss opportunities to recommend colon cancer screening
  234. Green tea may counteract anticancer effects of cancer therapy, bortezomib (Velcade)
  235. New test predicts how breast cancer patients respond to chemotherapy
  236. Disruption of circadian clock can suppress cancer growth
  237. 19 percent of breast cancer patients don't receive recommended radiation after mastec
  238. Breast cancer risk rapidly declines after women stop taking postmenopausal combined h
  239. Hispanic women and breast cancer: An understudied group
  240. Dry beans inhibit development of mammary cancer
  241. Source of cancer stem cells' resistance to radiation discovered at Stanford
  242. Vitamin D Found to Stimulate a Protein that Inhibits the Growth of Breast Cancer Cell
  243. Dry beans reduce risk of mammary cancer
  244. Statin therapy ineffective in breast cancer prevention
  245. deCODE Breakthrough in Thyroid Cancer May Enable More Targeted Risk Assessment and Ea
  246. Even moderate exercise helps breast cancer recovery
  247. Source of cancer stem cells' resistance to radiation discovered
  248. Calcitrol - active form of vitamin D - stimulates protein that inhibits growth of bre
  249. New test for breast cancer will help guide treatment choices
  250. Pregnancy has no impact on breast cancer, but can delay diagnosis and treatment