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  1. Epidermal growth factor receptor protects cancer cells from starving
  2. Breast cancer cluster prompts nationwide study of all ABC studios
  3. FGFR2 gene increases susceptibility to breast cancer
  4. Wal-Mart generic drug program to begin offering 90-day supplies of more than 350 medi
  5. microRNAs appear essential for retinal health
  6. Breast cancer tumours grow faster in younger women
  7. Previously unseen switch regulates breast cancer response to estrogen
  8. Skin flaps deliver cancer-fighting therapy
  9. Australian scientists warn, to avoid cancer keep alcohol to a minimum
  10. Simple, painless hair test detects breast cancer
  11. Supplemental breast ultrasound boosts cancer detection, radiologist reports in nation
  12. Regular exercise for young women can reduce their risk of breast cancer
  13. Molecular clock could predict risk for developing breast cancer
  14. Study implicates 350 gene regions in cancer development in the mouse
  15. Length of telomeres in blood cells tied to breast cancer survival rates
  16. Nurse-administered prevention and management strategies can decrease incidence of lym
  17. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to present data on Ortataxel in breast cancer at major oncol
  18. Reliable genetic tests could predict lung cancer recurrence
  19. Confused about HRT? read on!
  20. Breast cancer gene a culprit in prostate cancer
  21. HRT safe for healthy women entering menopause
  22. Unique genetic signature alerts physicians to high-risk breast tumors
  23. Simple blood test could indicate higher risk for coronary events in women after post-
  24. Embryonic pathway delivers stem cell traits
  25. Blood cholesterol levels predict risk of heart disease due to hormone therapy
  26. First patient enrolled in phase III study of Bevacizumab and Trastuzumab in early bre
  27. Post-menopausal therapy to improve women's quality of life
  28. Grassley inquiry into fast-tracking of Avastin drug applications could hurt cancer d
  29. Sen. Kennedy to introduce bill to revise national cancer act
  30. Survivors of childhood Hodgkin's lymphoma at higher risk of future health problems
  31. Researchers find gene signature profile for metastasis
  32. New breast cancer drug combo shrinks aggressive tumours
  33. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals updates on Bavituximab breast cancer study
  34. BiPar Sciences presents data for novel DNA repair inhibitor
  35. Genta announces initial trial results for novel drug for bone disease
  36. Royal seal of approval for Breakthrough Breast Cancer's world-class research unit in
  37. Survivors of childhood Hodgkin's lymphoma at higher risk of future health problems
  38. By 2024 one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
  39. Improving cancer diagnosis and support services for Asian patients
  40. Study looks at the role of metformin as possible anti-tumor agent
  41. Bavarian Nordic enters trials with prostate cancer vaccine
  42. Paclitaxel Poliglumex/Capecitabine regimen well tolerated and active in metastatic br
  43. New 'Track Your Drinking' Google gadget
  44. BN ImmunoTherapeutics starts clinical trials with prostate cancer vaccine
  45. New molecular mechanism for colorectal cancer
  46. Study finds wide racial, geographic health care disparities among Medicare beneficiar
  47. Sunshine vitamin protect against heart attacks
  48. The risk of death by age, sex, and smoking status in the U.S.
  49. Three sequencing companies join 1000 Genomes Project
  50. Anti-estrogen drug therapy reduces risk of invasive breast cancer in older women
  51. Reduced incidence of invasive breast cancer with Raloxifene among women at increased
  52. Nanoparticles trigger built-in cell-death signal to overcome drug resistance
  53. Campaign says heart disease a top killer of women as well as men
  54. Bionovo discovers new estrogen regulatory elements for breast cancer and osteoporosis
  55. New hope for patients with breast cancers resistant to tamoxifen
  56. Noninvasive molecular imaging technology helps track stem cells in tumors
  57. Novel agents found to inhibit growth of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells
  58. Prenatal nutrition and nutrition during childhood interact to alter puberty
  59. Compound in grapes and red wine may help battle obesity
  60. Pregnant mums on a high fat diet put daughters at risk later in life
  61. New AMA public health policies on vitamin D, processed foods, flavored cigarettes, to
  62. Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer
  63. Study: Outreach and internal navigation program on breast cancer diagnosis in an urba
  64. The impact of socioeconomic status on survival after cancer in the United States
  65. Quantum dots stop RNA interference in living cells
  66. More government in health care is not a prescription for reform
  67. Symptom screening plus CA125 blood test improves early detection of ovarian cancer
  68. Laser "microscalpel" to target individual cancer cells
  69. Prostate cancer deaths double in men with BRCA2
  70. First comprehensive report on colorectal cancer care in Europe and Australia reveals
  71. Genetic profiling for breast cancer on the horizon
  72. Pregnancy may protect against bladder cancer
  73. Cancer cure in mice to be tested in humans
  74. Multiple CT scans may raise cancer risk, especially in children
  75. Children's Brain Tumor Foundation's tissue bank consortium may solve dire problem in
  76. Symptom screening plus a simple blood test equals a 20 percent jump in early detectio
  77. Report says cancer clinicians should understand and consider the economic impact of n
  78. Cancer cases up but survival more than doubles in breast and bowel cancer
  79. Breast cancer: How tumor cells break free and form metastases
  80. Treatment delays result in poor outcomes for men with breast cancer
  81. New ovarian stimulation technique helps women restore their fertility following chemo
  82. Advanced breast cancer more likely in older women at risk of developing type 2 diabet
  83. U-M study to look at effects of chemotherapy on brain function of breast cancer survi
  84. New method to evaluate variations identified in breast cancer susceptibility genes
  85. 98 percent of elective mastectomy patients would have reconstruction again
  86. Compound in red wine may prevent breast cancer
  87. New online chat forum for cancer patients
  88. FDA approves novel genetic test for patients with breast cancer
  89. Swedish study finds many men not told wife's cancer incurable or told too late
  90. Post-operative asymmetry between breasts after cancer treatment affects quality of li
  91. Young women's breast cancers more aggressive and less responsive to treatment
  92. Gene silencer and quantum dots reduce protein production to a whisper
  93. New system pinpoints potential "biomarkers" of early forms of the disease
  94. Researchers locate and image prostate cancer as it spreads to lymph nodes
  95. Compound honokiol, from Magnolias blocks, elusive pathway for cancer growth
  96. Treating rare breast cancer with radiation therapy may lower recurrence rate
  97. Health partnership expands cancer screening services
  98. Quick formula could forecast which cancers chemo could kill
  99. Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer
  100. Worldwide analysis of cancer survival finds wide variation between countries
  101. $2 million computer will help unravel major medical ailments
  102. Breast cancer researchers call for ethnicity to be taken into account when developing
  103. You are not alone - help for breast cancer patients
  104. Reduced dose anthracycline pre-breast cancer surgery has no effect on outcome
  105. Pain-relieving gel eases mammography discomfort
  106. New drug for aggressive prostate cancer the best thing in 70 years
  107. Painless, portable device could be an alternative to traditional mammograms
  108. No need for gene screens in breast cancer families
  109. Abiraterone new drug for aggressive prostate cancer the best thing in 70 years
  110. Reduced dose anthracycline post-breast cancer surgery has no effect on outcome
  111. First-of-its-kind study examines whether fat tissues from different areas of the body
  112. Clinical trials to examine mushrooms' cancer-fighting properties
  113. Amgen announces positive results for Denosumab postmenopausal osteoporosis trial
  114. Patient liaison is the focus of a new medical centre
  115. Hip bone density predicts breast cancer risk independently of Gail score
  116. Corn protein, zein being researched for drug delivery
  117. ISU researchers find possible alternative adjuvant for alum to boost the effectivenes
  118. Estrogen treatments may sharpen mental performance in some women
  119. Different breast cancer screening strategies shown to be equally effective
  120. Lawmakers agree to ban use of phthalates in toys
  121. Laboratory and mouse studies show targeted drug blocks the growth of breast cancer ce
  122. Stanford Medicine explores the complex world of clinical trials
  123. Minorities less likely to know about breast cancer treatment options
  124. Chronic exposure to estrogen impairs some cognitive functions
  125. Concerns about possible cancer cluster prompts investigation of Gold Coast private ho
  126. Disclosing a breast cancer diagnosis to family and friends
  127. Genetic discovery may lead to new blood test for people at high risk for cancer
  128. Gab2 signalling protein switches off breast cancer and leukaemia
  129. New research finds way to switch off breast cancer and leukaemia
  130. Low vitamin D levels substantially increase risk of death
  131. Breast cancer patients still have risk of relapse after 5 years of systemic therapy
  132. Precisely targeted radiation therapy can control limited cancer spread
  133. Risk of breast cancer recurring even after 5 years of therapy
  134. Cheap drug combo stops breast cancer in its tracks
  135. Sngle-walled carbon nanotubes used as cancer drug delivery vehicles
  136. President signs bill that bans six toxic phthalates from children's products
  137. Scientists synthesize promising anti-cancer product from marine algae
  138. Why hormone therapy for prostate cancer fails
  139. OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals' OGX-011 granted FDA fast track status
  140. Being happy and optimistic can protect women from breast cancer
  141. Good tidings for women on HRT
  142. Breastfeeding, other factors may affect risk of breast cancer type
  143. Good old traditional breakfast can be a killer!
  144. New York Health Department to decide soon whether Medicaid beneficiaries with HIV/AID
  145. Breastfeeding could reduce risk of aggressive form of breast cancer that disproportio
  146. FDA grants IND for Davanat to treat breast cancer patient
  147. Genetic testing for sudden cardiac death
  148. Black women less likely than white women to receive follow-up treatments after breast
  149. Injections of N-acetyl cysteine may help 'chemobrain'
  150. Trastuzumab-DM1 - a 'smart bomb' for breast cancer treatment
  151. Radiation treatment less likely for African American women fighting breast cancer
  152. Risk of breast cancer mutations underestimated for Asian women, Stanford study shows
  153. Untapped potential of antidepressants for cancer
  154. Surveillance mammography after treatment for primary breast cancer
  155. Adding Taxotere to chemotherapy regimen improves survival in early breast cancer
  156. DNA vaccine developed at the Karmanos Cancer Institute fights HER2-positive cancers
  157. Lung cancer in non-smokers is sixth biggest cancer killer
  158. Vaccine against HER2-positive breast cancer offers complete protection in lab
  159. Pain-relieving gel makes mammograms a less painful experience
  160. Breast cancer vaccine could protect against aggressive HER2-positive breast tumours
  161. New drug might make tumor cells more sensitive to therapy
  162. Benefits of combined treatments against cancer
  163. New tool for early diagnosis of breast cancer
  164. High salt levels in food banished by seaweed
  165. Breast MRI scan could determine need for radiation therapy
  166. Some cases of breast cancer overtreated
  167. One week radiation treatment for breast cancer as effective as standard 6 to 7 week c
  168. Social class dictates cancer risk
  169. Nanotubes detect tumors and deliver high-potency punch
  170. Multifunctional polymer nanoparticles pass critical in vivo test
  171. Breast feeding lowers breast cancer risk
  172. Women warned about talcum powder ovarian cancer risk
  173. Gap in black, white new cancer diagnoses narrowing in Missouri; mortality rate gap fa
  174. Birth size a marker for breast cancer later in life
  175. Danish study provides new information on hormone replacement therapy and the risk of
  176. Mammograms read by computers will boost cancer detection and reduce doctors' workload
  177. Birth size a marker of susceptibility to breast cancer later in life
  178. Commonwealth Fund report examines health care proposals of major Presidential candida
  179. Interracial Asian-White couples have distinct risks for gestational diabetes, Caesare
  180. One dose chemo treatment the best for testicular cancer
  181. Lilly to acquire ImClone Systems for $6.5 billion
  182. International implementation of breast health guidelines for developing countries pub
  183. Painkillers found to reduce breast cancer risk
  184. Unpicking the complexity of human disease
  185. Caffeine not associated with overall breast cancer risk
  186. Sharks antibodies show potential as lifesaver from cancer
  187. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia is a significant predictor of insomnia in women with bre
  188. Nicotine linked to breast cancer growth and spread
  189. Shark antibodies show potential as lifesaver from cancer
  190. Women need to be aware of changes, breast expert says
  191. Chance of dying from cancer before the age of 84 is falling
  192. Bristol scientist puts the brakes on breast cancer
  193. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals reports on phase II trial of Bavituximab plus Docetaxel in
  194. Grant funds research on environmental link to breast cancer
  195. Near-infrared nanoparticles shine a bright light on cancer
  196. Salvage Stereotactic Radiosurgery Effectively Treats Recurrences From Whole-brain R
  197. Vigorous exercise protects against breast cancer
  198. Living with cancer & dating again...
  199. Side effects predict succes of breast cancer treatment
  200. Folic acid, B vitamins do not appear to affect cancer risk
  201. Healthy bones program reduces hip fractures by 37 percent
  202. Folate, vitamin B6 and B12 do not appear to affect cancer risk
  203. Therapy targeting cyclin D1 protein may block expansion of breast cancer cells
  204. A new review of breast cancer prevention strategies in the U.S.
  205. Gail model no better than coin flip in predicting risk of breast cancer
  206. Migraines associated with lower risk of breast cancer
  207. Alteration of a gene causes neuroblastoma
  208. How women can improve their quality of life after breast cancer treatment
  209. Improving quality of life after breast cancer treatment
  210. Cost of treating colorectal cancer can vary by thousands per patient
  211. Fertility Experts Present the Latest Research at Reproductive Medicine Meeting
  212. Cost of treating colorectal cancer varies widely
  213. Chaotic vasculature hinders tumor growth
  214. Study looks at sexual and intimate relationships after breast cancer
  215. Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation is not associated with a reduced breast cancer
  216. New technology could revolutionse breast cancer screening
  217. New technique to study the genetics of breast cancer
  218. Medicine, math and engineering combine to reveal how sepsis and less severe infection
  219. Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements does not reduce breast cancer risk
  220. A New Way to Study How Breast Cancer Spreads
  221. Einstein researchers develop a new way to study how breast cancer spreads
  222. Fear, misconceptions about screenings keep many African-Americans from getting mammog
  223. Scientists crack the code to tamoxifen resistance
  224. Women risk their lives by failing to take breast cancer drugs
  225. New method of viewing cancer cells shows how breast cancer spreads
  226. Cancer treatment may result in bone loss
  227. UCLA scientists find cell pathway driving a deadly sub-type of breast cancer
  228. Protein compels ovarian cancer cells to cannibalize themselves
  229. Scientists Discover Cell Pathway that Drives a Deadly Sub-Type of Breast Cancer
  230. Genetic disease treatments and pharmacogenetics: From scientific discovery to medical
  231. New CDC Study Finds Community Physical Activity Programs Are Money Well Spent
  232. Traditional knowledge under threat: Faulty laws, lack of trust stymie promising advan
  233. Scientists find intra cellular pathway driving a deadly sub-type of breast cancer
  234. PEA-15 protein points to potential targeted approach for ovarian cancer
  235. Breast and prostate cancer treatment may result in bone loss
  236. Community-based physical activity interventions found to be cost-effective
  237. 97% of Canadian Women Don't Know Vitamin D Levels, Survey Shows
  238. Behavior/lifestyle factors influence cancer risk among the elderly
  239. Breast cancer common among women with family history but without BRCA1 or BRCA2
  240. Genetic risk factors may tailor prostate cancer screening approaches
  241. Exercise and rest reduce cancer risk
  242. Expert Calls on Government to Increase Recommended Daily Vitamin D Intake
  243. UNC researchers find clue to stopping breast-cancer metastasis
  244. New Patient Study Suggests Siemens Non-Invasive Blood Test May Have a Role in Monitor
  245. Researchers Find Clue to Stopping Breast Cancer Metastasis
  246. Researchers Identify Dangerous 'Two-Faced' Protein Crucial to Breast Cancer Spread an
  247. Scientists identify dangerous 'two-faced' protein crucial to breast cancer spread and
  248. Breakthrough reveals first ever complete structure of a nuclear hormone receptor on h
  249. Intervention program boosts survival in breast cancer patients
  250. Study suggests Siemens non-invasive blood test may have a role in monitoring breast c