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  1. NovaUCD honors leading cancer researcher with 2011 Innovation Award
  2. Mammograms should be personalized based on woman's age, breast density
  3. First Edition: July 5, 2011
  4. Viewpoints: 'Imaginary' mandates, premium hikes, Medicare leadership
  5. More breast cancer patients may receive radiation treatments after surgery
  6. LA Times: Study urges more mammogram guidelines
  7. Cosmetic/shampoo safety
  8. Inhibiting heat shock transcription factor 1 prevents liver cancer in mice
  9. Eighteen top young scientists receive Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation fellows
  10. Study illuminates roles of two nearly identical proteins in cancer development
  11. Medicare coverage, pricey cancer drugs and the 'rationing' issue
  12. Viewpoints: Debt talks 'opportunity'; NY Times on cancer drugs; Calif. insurance rate
  13. Corporates profit from pinkwashing
  14. Scientists discover mechanism that enables developing cancer cells to sustain abnorma
  15. Common cell pathway could lead to new treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer
  16. Combination therapy shows promise against HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer
  17. Nurses can help manage S. African's syndemic of TB and HIV
  18. Cancer petition by Livestrong
  19. Sunshine Biopharma completes Adva-27a cytotoxicity study in Multidrug Resistant Breas
  20. Sunshine completes Adva-27a study in Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer cell line
  21. Cancer Cell publishes results of melanoma study
  22. Viewpoints: Partisanship, debt ceiling talks and Medicare; health cost frustration; p
  23. U.S. Senators introduce Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Enhancement Act
  24. FDA issues draft guidance to promote development of targeted medicines, diagnostics
  25. Viewpoints: Prominent Republicans against IPAB; docs defend health law; medical marij
  26. Progesterone could fight against neuroblastoma
  27. Scientists link human gene with risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment
  28. Treatment with estrogen dramatically lowers rates of stomach cancer in male mice
  29. RXi expands intellectual property portfolio with additional NeuVax patents
  30. Verastem raises $32 million to develop targeted cancer stem cell therapies
  31. Medical community welcomes $30 million funding to fast track cancer research
  32. Cancer may soon affect 40% of UK’s population: Report
  33. CLEOPATRA Phase III study on HER2-positive mBC meets primary endpoint
  34. Scientists identify new metabolic pathway for breast cancer
  35. Nuvilex to move International Corporate HQ near FDA headquarters
  36. New method for determining breast cancer metastasis
  37. ACS honors Cedars-Sinai surgeon with 17th annual Jacobson Innovation Award
  38. EC grants marketing authorization for Amgen's XGEVA to prevent skeletal-related event
  39. Cancer rates increase among the middle-aged in Great Britain
  40. HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer women benefit from trastuzumab and chemotherap
  41. Roche signs agreement to acquire mtm laboratories
  42. International Journal of Cancer publishes Bionovo's Bezielle research
  43. Researchers identify potential therapeutic target for ER-negative breast cancer
  44. Natural formula can fight against highly invasive breast cancer
  45. Study reveals how alcohol and weight influence breast cancer hormone levels in post m
  46. Chemotherapy combined with anti-cancer agent shows promise for treatment of aggressiv
  47. NCCN experts recommend bevacizumab for treating metastatic breast cancer
  48. Novel approach to prevent ‘chemo’ induced menopause in breast cancer patients
  49. New anti-cancer drugs plus chemo for breast cancer shows promise: Study
  50. Promising results from phase I study of Genentech's GDC-0941 for advanced breast canc
  51. Women & Infants Hospital fellow earns ASCO's Conquer Cancer Foundation award
  52. French scientists publish paper on guidelines for drinking, relation of alcohol to ca
  53. U.S. physicians to receive nearly $10M from Humana's Provider Quality Rewards Program
  54. SBI, ACR applaud updated ACOG mammography recommendations
  55. World's best genetic map now built in African-Americans
  56. Komen for the Cure applauds new mammography guidelines
  57. Taller women more prone to cancer: Study
  58. Leading cancer specialists and researchers establish Australia’s first comprehensive
  59. The next round of mammogram advice
  60. SG Austria acquisition benefits Nuvilex with $1.5M in grant funding
  61. Sigma Life Science releases breast cancer-specific knockout and knockin cell lines fo
  62. New method for detecting breast cancer at 'stage 0'
  63. Two genetic variations can identify children at higher risk of radiation-induced seco
  64. Better targeting of pharmaceuticals to patient's genetic profile could save around $1
  65. Bionovo completes 13 weeks repeat dose animal toxicology studies for Menerba
  66. Lack of genetic screening for cancers
  67. Racal differences in breast cancer survival: Study
  68. High-dose vitamin D reduces musculoskeletal pain in breast cancer patients
  69. Lipofilling found safe after breast cancer surgery
  70. Women with early-stage breast cancer do not benefit from lymph node removal
  71. Dense breasts raise risk of breast cancer
  72. Breast cancer survival and lymph nodes
  73. Scientists show how RET gene in breast cancer cells responds to estrogen
  74. Celgene reports second quarter total revenue of $1.18 billion
  75. High fiber diet may help prevent breast cancer: Study
  76. Introducing maspin protein into tumor nucleus can stop growth and spread of cancer
  77. Houston-based Mattress Firm commits to support pancreatic cancer research
  78. 'Systems biology' study of breast cancer
  79. EGT transfers clinical grade lentiviral vector to MSKCC
  80. UCSD researchers examine association of energy balance, breast cancer
  81. UT Southwestern's support group book shares stories of members whose wives battled ca
  82. Human genes can be patented in U.S. - Court overrules previous ruling
  83. One in four British women at risk of cancer
  84. Positive results from Alnylam's ALN-VSP Phase I trial for liver cancer
  85. Disparities persist despite insurance
  86. Taxoxifen combined with dasatinib reverses chemo-resistance in breast cancer cells
  87. PSI develops new breast cancer diagnostic method
  88. A guide to safe and informed recovery after prostate cancer
  89. Federal appeals court partially reverses ruling in BRCA patents case
  90. Celldex second quarter net loss increases to $10.2 million
  91. Fatty acids, nutrients during pregnancy can reduce risk of breast cancer in female of
  92. Conference to showcase novel studies that address how inherited genes cause breast ca
  93. Innovative delivery systems and methods to treat breast cancer
  94. NanoString to begin clinical development program for Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtypin
  95. Newly diagnosed - advice from WebMD
  96. Novel studies explore new targets to prevent spread of breast cancer
  97. Cancer Information Service celebrates helping one million Canadians
  98. Women with RAD51D gene fault more likely to develop ovarian cancer
  99. Study: miR-200s play a paradoxical role in development of metastatic cancer
  100. Ovarian cancer gene discovered
  101. Leica Microsystems, CMED partner to co-develop and market automated FISH kits
  102. Provider groups weigh in with Supreme Court on Calif. Medicaid case; Fla. docs oppose
  103. Male breast cancer patients denied Medicaid coverage
  104. Exercise key to recovery in cancer
  105. Soy useless for menopause
  106. GTx reports revenue of $1.6 million for second quarter 2011
  107. Roundup: Mass. Gov. remains committed to health payment changes; insurers fight Fla.
  108. Novel therapy shrinks tumors without collateral damage
  109. Trastuzumab drug increases risk of heart problems in elderly breast cancer patients
  110. Women, doctors should communicate about overall health and breast cancer screenings
  111. Current Medical Research & Opinion publishes new data on EVISTA for postmenopausal os
  112. Wives share more about infertility than husbands in online social network
  113. 'Amazing' killer T-cells wipe out leukemia: US study
  114. Neoprobe seeks FDA marketing approval of Lymphoseek for use in ILM oncology procedure
  115. Modified spider-silk proteins for nonviral gene delivery
  116. Genetic culprit behind ovarian cancer discovered
  117. Study links low vitamin D in young girls with early menstruation
  118. NSAIDs like ibuprofen slow the spread of breast cancers
  119. Survey: 35% of people in the UK fear cancer more than other life-threatening conditio
  120. NK cells may help limit metastasis in women with breast cancer
  121. High parity linked with increased risk of ER-/PR- breast cancer
  122. Study of Chicago neighborhoods tracks prevalence of five key public health issues
  123. Syndax receives European patent allowance for entinostat to treat metastatic breast c
  124. Clinical trials to evaluate and validate infrastructure of P-medicine consortium
  125. FDA approves Mayo Clinic's ovarian and breast cancer vaccines
  126. Antigen Express provides update on ongoing AE37 Phase 2 trial in breast cancer
  127. Amgen to present data from several Prolia studies at ASBMR 2011 meeting
  128. DiaGenic reports operating revenue of NOK 1,151 thousand for second quarter 2011
  129. New rules would help consumers comparison shop for health plans
  130. Study confirms tamoxifen is superior to fulvestrant in blocking estrogen
  131. IAFF and its affiliates to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  132. New findings on cancer stem cells
  133. Scientists reveal how thiostrepton blocks FOXM1 protein, prevents breast cancer devel
  134. Decline in HT use could lead to lower mammogram rates among women
  135. Radium-223 chloride granted FDA Fast Track designation for treatment of CRPC
  136. Molecular Endocrinology journal publishes two studies on estrogen hormones
  137. MicroRNA biomarkers provide guidance to develop specific gene therapies for glioblast
  138. MSFHR announces recipients of 2010/11 health research scholar and trainee funding com
  139. Quality improvement program for preventing infections helps hospitals save lives and
  140. Many women eligible for Ontario's Breast Screening Program are not getting screened
  141. IGF1 plays key role in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  142. Avastin increases tumor response rates in breast cancer patients before surgery
  143. ADA's 2011 food and nutrition conference to be held in San Diego
  144. Largest study on breast cancer disparities in African-American women
  145. Long-term effects of chemotherapy on women's reproductive health
  146. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to surgery can benefit women with lobular breast cance
  147. FDA approves Abbott's Vysis ALK FISH test for NSCLC therapy selection
  148. Boehringer Ingelheim initiates two afatinib phase II studies in HER2-positive breast
  149. ZIOPHARM initiates ZIN ATI-001 Phase 1 clinical study in advanced melanoma
  150. Positive results from Bionovo's Menerba tolerability trial on menopausal hot flashes
  151. Regis to host one-day haircutting event in support of breast cancer research
  152. Walnut-containing diet could reduce risk of breast cancer
  153. UVA researchers develop 3-D model to visualize early growth of human breast tissue
  154. SWOG selects four cancer researchers for 2011 Young Investigator Training Course
  155. Researchers discover mechanisms behind BRCA1 gene mutations in breast and ovarian can
  156. Researchers discover new genetic defect that predisposes people to leukemia, myelodys
  157. DiaGenic allots options to employees
  158. Study: No big shift toward higher fatal heart attack rates after menopause in women
  159. Biologists reveal why men's ring fingers longer than their index fingers
  160. Walnuts may prevent breast cancer
  161. Breast cancer patients with BRCA1 mutation experience pCR after neoadjuvent chemother
  162. Chemotherapy linked to speech difficulties among cancer patients
  163. Consuming walnuts slows development and growth of breast cancer tumors
  164. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers siRNA libraries in Labcyte Echo qualified source plat
  165. IBCRF awards TGen $50,000 to discover genetic origins of inflammatory breast cancer
  166. First Edition: September 7, 2011
  167. Ohio Third Frontier grants to advance Philips Healthcare Global Advanced Imaging Inno
  168. Calif. woman presses for breast cancer law
  169. PDL third quarter revenue decreases 3% to $83 million
  170. New studies on breast cancer screening, treatment and survival
  171. Breast-conservation therapy and mastectomy provide similar survival rates for early-s
  172. Chemotherapy before or after breast-conserving therapy does not impact treatment succ
  173. Landmark discovery in rapid spread of PRL-3 oncoprotein associated aggressive cancers
  174. Nektar announces positive results from NKTR-102 Phase 2 study on metastatic breast ca
  175. Crocus plant to provide a tumor killing “smart bomb”
  176. Women with BRCA gene mutation develop breast cancer earlier than their ancestors
  177. Women with BRCA gene mutations at risk of developing cancers at earlier ages
  178. BioSante reports top-line results from LibiGel PK study for HSDD in postmenopausal wo
  179. NICE not nice..again
  180. Researchers identify new type of potential anticancer drug
  181. George W. Bush Institute forms public-private partnership to combat cervical, breast
  182. Exonhit consolidated revenues decrease 56% to € 2.4 million for first half of 2011
  183. Fathers and family men low on testosterone: Study
  184. Lignans lower risk of death in women with breast cancer
  185. Web-based tool can improve employment outcomes of breast cancer survivors
  186. New data from Pfizer's investigational oncology compounds to be presented at EMCC 201
  187. Natural S-equol supplement does not increase risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer
  188. Spanish research establishes factors associated with tiredness in breast cancer survi
  189. Breast and cervical cancers on the rise in poor nations
  190. New GE healthymagination initiative for individualized cancer care
  191. Experts urge women to recognize warning signs of ovarian cancer, receive appropriate
  192. Number of breast, cervical cancer cases rose significantly over past 30 years, global
  193. UNC-45A protein plays critical role in breast cancer cell division and migration
  194. Generex issues update on Antigen Express spinout
  195. Breast cancer breakthrough by Welsh medical student
  196. Hologic to showcase automated systems for cervical cancer screening at IPV, Berlin
  197. Roundup: San Diego launches new HIV testing effort; Study finds economy hurt by Mass.
  198. ESMO honors three medical oncologists for cancer care and research
  199. Top-line data from Spectrum's SPI-1620 Phase 1 combination study on carcinoma
  200. Amgen's Prolia receives FDA approval for new indications to treat cancer patients
  201. Preclinical studies shows EmPAC more effective than Taxol
  202. Get in the zone..cancer zone (Ostarine)
  203. FoxM1 protein plays a role in development of medulloblastomas
  204. New research has potential to alleviate side effects of cancer treatments
  205. Regulatory bias against taking oral anti-cancer medications with food places patients
  206. Scientists discover crucial connection in skin formation
  207. Survey confirms low BPA exposure levels in food packaging
  208. Silence Therapeutics reports revenue of £354,078 for six months ended 30 June 2011
  209. Enrollment commences in Boehringer Ingelheim's TOviTO Phase III combination trial for
  210. MRI screenings for breast cancer benefit high-risk, underserved women
  211. Converting genetic data into biomedical knowledge a true challenge for statisticians
  212. Scientists identify stress receptor that stimulates growth and migration of cancer ce
  213. MD Anderson professor wins 2011 Julie and Ben Rogers Award for Excellence in Preventi
  214. Cambridge Heart enters agreement with EO Medical for MTWA technology
  215. BPA found in kids’ canned food
  216. USPTO issues patent for Lixte's LB-100 to treat cancer
  217. Adeno-associated virus type 2 kills human breast cancer cells in lab
  218. Researchers discover cellular origins of breast cancer
  219. Longer looks: Breast cancer fundraising; treating autism
  220. Data from Amgen's XGEVA and Vectibix studies to be presented at EMCC 2011
  221. Letrozole reduces risk of breast cancer recurrences and death in post-menopausal wome
  222. Combination of everolimus, exemestane holds promise against post-menopausal breast ca
  223. Researchers discover 16 genes linked with breast cancer prognosis
  224. Drug combo for breast cancer in post-menopausal women shows promise
  225. Zometa bone drug trial in post-menopausal women with breast cancer
  226. Komen Foundation grant enables TGen scientists to study triple-negative breast cancer
  227. Breast cancer drug combination could stop cancer “in its tracks”
  228. Not enough doctors in Australia to follow up on breast cancer cases
  229. Genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer
  230. Combination of chemo and radiotherapy in breast cancer: Trial
  231. Researchers devise protein 'switch' that instructs cancer cells to produce their own
  232. Combination of Afinitor, exemestane reduces risk of breast cancer progression in wome
  233. Laurantis Pharma's Lymfactin rebuilds lymphatic vessels in pre-clinical animal models
  234. Genentech announces results of trastuzumab emtansine Phase II study on HER2-positive
  235. Ibandronate controls pain in prostate cancer patients with bone metastases
  236. Zoledronic acid may benefit post-menopausal women with breast cancer
  237. Zoledronic acid may extend survival in older breast cancer patients
  238. Eating blueberries may inhibit breast cancer tumor growth
  239. Researchers identify frequent SF3B1 gene mutation in myelodysplasia
  240. New Banner MD Anderson center to deliver unprecedented cancer care in Arizona
  241. ISRA sponsors 'Susan G. Komen Shoot for the Cure' event
  242. Close link between SF3B1 mutation and specific feature of myelodysplastic syndromes
  243. Treatment of CMV infection can inhibit medullablastomas development
  244. New research on public perceptions about cancer
  245. Lucky Strike to begin partnership with Breastcancer.org
  246. Honor Our Voices site presents information on child exposure to domestic violence
  247. Nearly 90% of women consider mammograms important to their health, well-being: Poll
  248. dressbarn's month-long program aims to combat breast cancer
  249. First Edition: September 28, 2011
  250. Roundup: Calif. legislator's health bill comes under scrutiny; D.C. facing doctor sho