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  1. Study: Gender may not increase risk of heart attack deaths
  2. Studies identify protein that drives inflammation in pancreatic, breast tumors
  3. New technique allows early identification of metastasis in women with breast cancer
  4. Radiologists who interpret more mammograms can determine breast cancer effectively
  5. Caution on mammograms for breast cancer survivors: Study
  6. Regeneron submits VEGF Trap-Eye BLA to FDA for treatment of wet AMD
  7. Higher intake of vitamin D may reduce breast cancer risk
  8. Research: Drug developed for controlling cholesterol synthesis can kill human breast
  9. New DNA microarray detects genetic changes differentiating cancer patients from healt
  10. Cerasome filled molecular-sized bubbles to target liver cancer cells
  11. Amgen announces publication of XGEVA Phase 3 study results against solid tumors in Jo
  12. ETH scientists warn about impact of cell phone radiation in brain of healthy adults
  13. FDA clears Agendia's breast cancer recurrence assay
  14. Nonsurgical methods to identify critical lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer
  15. EpiCept's fourth quarter net loss estimated to be $0.06 per share
  16. Viewpoints: GOP's 'war' on family planning; state workers' health costs; health law a
  17. Onyx, Bayer initiate patient enrollment in Nexavar Phase 3 trial for breast cancer tr
  18. Willow launches Italian version breast health booklet
  19. BioSante completes patient enrollment in LibiGel Phase III trial for treatment of FSD
  20. New study: Multiple full-term pregnancies may higher risk of 'triple-negative' breast
  21. DMS joins with YSC to support young women diagnosed with breast cancer
  22. Feasibility study to test scalp cooling device in breast cancer patients undergoing c
  23. Genentech granted FDA hearing on Avastin for metastatic breast cancer
  24. Study: When it comes to elective surgery, where you live matters
  25. The Lancet journal publishes XGEVA Phase 3 study results against prostate cancer, bon
  26. Researchers capture complexities of breast cancer tumours to improve treatment, diagn
  27. Radioactive tracing agent can identify tumor-draining sentinel nodes in breast cancer
  28. Neoprobe's Lymphoseek Phase 2 study data published in Annals of Surgical Oncology
  29. Avastin debate spills over until June FDA hearing
  30. Innovative miniscule gene transport system can cause breast cancer cells to self-dest
  31. Governors want flexibility from federal officials on health issues
  32. U.S. District Court rules in favor of Hologic in breast brachytherapy patent infringe
  33. Global Genes Project, 46NYC introduce t-shirts to create awareness about lack of drug
  34. p53 gene blocks EMT essential to cancer metastasis
  35. Daiichi Sankyo enters merger agreement to acquire Plexxikon
  36. Leptin receptor antagonist peptide demonstrates efficacy against triple negative brea
  37. Axolotl's two EHR systems receive ONC-ATCB certification
  38. New study: No decline in breast cancer incidence rates among U.S. white women
  39. Study confirms risk of triple-negative breast cancer among obese, physically inactive
  40. NCI sponsors multi-center phase 2 study of entinostat-anastrozole combination in trip
  41. Research: Blocking two cell DNA repair routes at once can provide new way to treat bo
  42. BigThink.com launches breakthroughs: Discussion highlighting cutting-edge cancer rese
  43. Women smokers over 50 at increased risk of breast cancer
  44. Naviscan launches PEM breast cancer scanner in Europe
  45. U-M scientists identify potential target to treat aggressive prostate cancer
  46. iCAD to showcase its cancer diagnostic imaging products at ECR annual meeting
  47. Eisai announces publication of Halaven Phase III study results against breast cancer
  48. ContextVision launches two breast cancer diagnostic imaging solutions at ECR 2011
  49. EU's Avastin policy: A stark contrast to the FDA's recent decision
  50. Rural women seek breast cancer screenings for the good of their families
  51. Endo's FORTESTA Gel for treatment of 'Low T' in males is now available in pharmacies
  52. Scientists uncover genetic pathway that affects breast cancer development
  53. Scientist receives $4 million Australia fellowship to continue cancer origin research
  54. Hemispherx, Chronix jointly file US patent application for CFS blood test
  55. VDF urges Americans to learn about risks of DVT to help prevent death
  56. Chemotherapy, endocrine therapy may increase risk of bone fractures in breast cancer
  57. Inexpensive new method to accurately differentiate between benign and malignant breas
  58. BioSante's Pancreas Cancer Vaccine increases median survival of resected pancreatic c
  59. How cancer impacts patients and partners
  60. New promising detection technology identifies cancer cells early
  61. Medifocus to present on Microfocus APA-1000 at Annual National Interdisciplinary Brea
  62. ShearWave Elastography increases performance of ultrasound breast cancer diagnosis
  63. TapImmune provides clinical development clarification based on March 1 Press Release
  64. Solasia, ZIOPHARM enter license and collaboration agreement for darinaparsin product
  65. Two studies show how laminin plays a central role in breast cancer development
  66. URMC research confirms possible use of mifepristone for painful fibroids
  67. Vegetables can help reverse or prevent cancers
  68. Henry Schein MicroMD EMR Version 7.5 attains ONC-ATCB Complete EHR certification stat
  69. $100 million in grants for medical research announced
  70. Plexxikon commences PLX3397 Phase 2 trial in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma
  71. New clinical trial to prevent aggressive type of breast cancer
  72. Multiple target therapy may treat HER2-positive breast cancers
  73. Study supports DNA mismatch repair test for bowel cancer
  74. CRT, ICR sign deal with ZoBio to discover and develop cancer drugs
  75. NCI report: Number of US cancer survivors increase to 11.7 million during 2007
  76. Genetic variant can contribute to high risk of lung cancer, tendency to smoke more
  77. Synta fourth-quarter total collaboration revenue decreases to $3.0 million
  78. CytRx reports $0.4M net income for 2010 vs. $4.8M net loss for 2009
  79. Updated NCCN Guidelines for Breast Cancer outline expanded treatment options
  80. Halozyme Therapeutics 2010 net loss decreases to $53.2 million
  81. Number of cancer survivors rise: CDC report
  82. New analytic method suggests tumors grow in punctuated, staccato-like bursts
  83. Combination therapy may overcome Herceptin-resistant breast cancer
  84. Women with DCIS have excellent overall prognosis despite treatment
  85. Tamoxifen against breast cancer can save lives and reduce medical costs
  86. Hospice and Palliative care
  87. New study: Two peptide agent combination might block tumor growth
  88. Research highlights benefit of shortened radiation course for patients with DCIS
  89. ExonHit Therapeutics consolidated revenues increase 67% to € 8.2 million
  90. New report finds nearly 15 million Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers in the U.S.
  91. Scientists identify unique function of Twist1 in tumor metastasis
  92. Unigene initiates oral PTH Phase 2 study in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
  93. On The Issues Magazine examines how environmental health affects women's lives
  94. Backscattering interferometry can precisely measure membrane protein interactions
  95. vRad launches breast imaging solutions across the U.S.
  96. Shanghai ChemPartner signs outsource research service agreement with Shenogen Pharma
  97. Expert discusses certain measures that can help prevent HAI spread
  98. 'Fetus To Fifth Grade' book provides updated research on pregnancy and childcare
  99. CytRx commences INNO-206 Phase 1b trial in advanced solid tumors
  100. Study: Stem cells may open door to new tools for colorectal cancer detection, treatme
  101. Modified mRNA raises hope for safe, effective gene drugs to combat cancer
  102. GHDX presents Oncotype DX breast cancer test study results at St. Gallen conference
  103. New detector technologies capable of reducing radiation dose from BSGI/MBI studies by
  104. Rethink acknowledges Ontario's new breast cancer program
  105. Five year course of tamoxifen can offer long-term benefit for women with breast cance
  106. Breast cancer updates
  107. CABC offers first-ever PEM-guided accessory for breast biopsy
  108. Medical oncologist to receive AACR award for breast cancer research
  109. Cancer patients with spinal fractures can benefit from Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty
  110. Study demonstrates superiority of Spiriva over salmeterol in reducing risk of exacerb
  111. New study: Prostate and breast cancer usually recur in bone
  112. Prolia associated with greater adherence than alendronate in postmenopausal women wit
  113. Osteoporosis study: Protelos have significant bone-forming activity than bisphosphona
  114. Positive Phase 3 results from Tarsa's ORACAL study validates Unigene's oral peptide d
  115. POET-COPD study looks at controlling 'lung attacks' which can lead to increased ER vi
  116. New study: Women with early stage breast cancer worry about recurrence
  117. Breast cancer specialists offer new technology for patients to detect early-stage lym
  118. AACR to honor UNC scientist with $181,000 grant for breast cancer research
  119. Nearly half of Latinas women with breast cancer worry about recurrence
  120. Essex scientists receive £205,000 grant for breast cancer research
  121. Drugs can prevent risk of breast cancer in women, experts say
  122. Bionovo initiates enrollment in Menerba Phase 1 clinical trial for menopausal hot flu
  123. Drugs for prevention of breast cancer
  124. FDA approves Medtronic's Protecta implantable defibrillators
  125. Study: No increase in abnormal mammogram results after breast 'lipomodeling'
  126. College of Notre Dame to host recruitment rally for nationwide breast cancer initiati
  127. Scientists to discover new estrogen receptor-signaling networks for breast cancer tre
  128. Researchers develop new drug for multiple cancer treatment
  129. Multiple drugs bonded to 'transport vehicle' bypass healthy cells to attack breast ca
  130. Canadian Cancer Society applauds Ontario government for allocating new funding for Br
  131. Merck submits Erbitux indication extension to EMA for NSCLC treatment
  132. SLN to present Atu027 Phase I study data against solid cancer at ASCO Annual Meeting
  133. Women can benefit from Ontario's breast cancer screening program
  134. BioSante completes patient enrollment in LibiGel Phase III trial against HSDD
  135. DNA Integrity Index: Future for cancer detection?
  136. Researchers identify drug candidate that can treat prostate cancer
  137. Experts discuss about need for national colorectal cancer screening program at Capito
  138. RXi Pharmaceuticals to acquire Apthera
  139. Alnylam completes patient enrollment in ALN-VSP Phase I trial against liver cancer
  140. Mitomics introduces new test to detect prostate cancer
  141. Syndax to present entinostat data against cancer at AACR meeting
  142. New study examines psychological, social challenges of women with breast cancer
  143. KeyBank Foundation awards $1M grant for providing breast cancer education to medicall
  144. New lifesaving technology can combat cancer
  145. Biocept, academic collaborators' posters on CTCs to be presented at AACR meeting
  146. Lilly's Axiron testosterone replacement therapy now available in US pharmacies
  147. University of Houston part of multi-investigator $5.2M CPRIT award for prostate cance
  148. LCA calls for comprehensive plan of action to reduce lung cancer mortality
  149. New research identifies diverse barriers to breast cancer screening and treatment
  150. Three abstracts from SuperGen PIM kinase inhibitor program to be presented at AACR
  151. Sunshine Biopharma to present new Adva-27a data against cancer at AACR meeting
  152. Breast cancer genome reveals potential therapeutic targets
  153. Life Technologies launches new TaqMan Mutation Detection Assays
  154. Scientists uncover genetic characteristic of metastatic prostate cancer
  155. Scientists sequence tumor genomes from 50 breast cancer patients
  156. Study finds link between smoking and breast cancer risk among non-obese women
  157. Researchers discover immune system can help predict breast cancer survival
  158. AACR continues to increase focus on cancer clinical trials
  159. Cancer Discovery to publish practice-changing research at AACR meeting
  160. Human immune system can help predict recurrence, overall breast cancer survival
  161. New anti-angiogenic therapy can lead to tumour growth inhibition
  162. FDA grants 510(k) clearance for superDimension's marker delivery kit
  163. Daiichi Sankyo acquires Plexxikon
  164. Epithelial cells in breast milk can help assess breast cancer risk
  165. Olivia’s cancer center receives $45 million for completion
  166. Breast cancer updates
  167. Lilly presents results of JAK2, Hedgehog inhibitor preclinical cancer studies at 102n
  168. Vitamin D can reduce estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer
  169. Known cancer-linked gene involved in subset of advanced prostate tumors
  170. Women with ovarian cancer having BRCA2 gene mutations are more likely to survive
  171. Researchers develop new cancer treatment
  172. UC researchers sequence individual glioblastoma genomes and track abnormalities throu
  173. Artemisinin or high-pressure oxygen can boost natural cancer remedy
  174. Scientists suggest genetic differences in breast tissue across ethnicities
  175. Researchers identify genetic anomaly that may drive rare subset of prostate cancers
  176. Health experts release recommendations for fighting breast cancer in low-, middle-inc
  177. Tumor cryoablation coupled with immunotherapy amplifies tumor immunity
  178. Metformin therapy may protect PCOS women against endometrial cancer
  179. Estrogen only hormone replacement not so risky after 50’s: Study
  180. Editorial cautions against estrogen-only hormone therapy after hysterectomy
  181. Adipocytes associated with breast cancer could amplify 'aggressive' effect of tumors
  182. Lack or loss of SIRT3 protein induces proliferation of breast cancer cells
  183. Extreme weight gain in breast cancer survivors associated with poorer outcomes
  184. Soy food does not increase risk of recurrence or death among breast cancer survivors
  185. Keryx KRX-0401 data in colorectal cancer, multiple myeloma presented at AACR meeting
  186. $1,000,000 research award to study link between exercise and breast cancer
  187. Having children early in life lowers lifetime risk of breast cancer
  188. Under stressful conditions, presence of high levels of HER2 protein causes a decrease
  189. Specific lipids in tumours linked to cancer progression and patient survival
  190. ImClone Systems initiates IMC-3C5 Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced solid tumou
  191. Estrogen therapy for menopause, study looks at risks-benefits
  192. Circadian's VGX-100 neutralises VEGF-C and inhibits tumour growth in mouse models of
  193. Breast cancer survivors with poor physical health scores at elevated risk of poorer o
  194. Fish oil can serve as beneficial booster for tamoxifen breast cancer therapy
  195. Novel strategy to build molecular probes may lead to development of new cancer drugs
  196. Breast cancer symposium to discuss on latest advances in research and treatment
  197. Key enzyme in non-small cell lung cancers could make standard chemotherapy more effec
  198. Persistent fatigue in breast cancer survivors may be caused by autonomic nervous syst
  199. New USPSTF mammography recommendations confuse women
  200. Cancer screening updates
  201. Alcohol raises risk of cancers: Study
  202. Scientists identify two molecules that enable cancer spread
  203. Hope4Cancer offers gentle non-invasive therapies for patients with brain tumor
  204. ASBMB to honor 11 scientists with annual awards for biomedical research
  205. New report finds 13,000 cancer cases per year in the UK due to alcohol consumption
  206. McKinley Infocapital to distribute Biofield Breast Diagnostic System in Korea
  207. 'Every woman should know her breast density'
  208. Scientists identify novel mechanism to control cancer spread
  209. A4M: Estrogen helps prevent risk of breast cancer in women
  210. Study finds diminishing effect from National Breast Cancer Awareness Month event
  211. Study shows how specific nutritional combination may help maintain healthy breast tis
  212. Researchers discover new cancer stem cells in breast tissue
  213. Study shows neutralizing antibodies to C5a protein may prevent heart failure
  214. Specific oestrogen might serve as effective treatment for osteoporosis
  215. Patients with breast cancer can benefit from new nanobodies
  216. Study finds SAVI applicator for breast brachytherapy safe for women with breast impla
  217. RXi Pharmaceuticals acquires Apthera
  218. NRC, NCKU partner to develop cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies
  219. Normal breast cells provide an innate defense mechanism against cancer
  220. Scientists identify novel small molecules that block human tumor cell growth
  221. Stand Up 2 Cancer
  222. New approach links cancer cell metabolism with poor clinical outcome
  223. Analysis calls for experimental evidence to determine best way to disclose informatio
  224. Researchers investigate new digital tool for breast cancer prognosis
  225. Mount Sinai's new Dubin Breast Center to provide patients with seamless care
  226. Ohio State biophysicist disrupts cellular messages through fragment-based drug design
  227. Increased rate of tumor markers in dogs as in humans
  228. OSU biophysicist leverages computer cluster to develop drug to block small protein mo
  229. New findings shows relation between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphom
  230. Advancell initiates ATH008 phase IIb study for hand-foot syndrome
  231. Sialix announces blood test results of antibodies to diagnose breast cancer
  232. New method allows single microchip to screen tens of thousands of genes simultaneousl
  233. New biosensor microchip with 'nanosensors' could simultaneously monitor thousands of
  234. Whole-genome sequencing could soon improve cancer survival rates
  235. Sequencing genomes of cancer patients to diagonse ane treat new cancer
  236. New breast cancer projects receive $1.175 million from Komen Northeast Ohio
  237. U.S. DOD awards NYU Langone Medical Center $4.5M for novel breast cancer research
  238. Exposure to air pollution may alter women's DNA and cause premenopausal breast cancer
  239. Study finds ACE inhibitors linked to increased risk of recurrence in women who have h
  240. Providing complete information about breast cancer treatment options often ends up ov
  241. US-LACRN selects Agilent gene expression microarrays for major breast cancer study
  242. Merrimack initiates dosing in MM-111 combination Phase 1 study in advanced HER2 posit
  243. Topshop introduces limited edition t-shirt for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
  244. Saint Vincent Hospital to build new cancer center in downtown Worcester
  245. Oncologists discuss about NCCN updated guidelines at 4th Annual Asia Scientific Congr
  246. U-M receives Taubman Institute's $100 million gift for innovative medical science
  247. Epic Imaging receives 100% Mammography Quality Standards Act score
  248. Rwanda, QIAGEN and Merck launch comprehensive national cervical cancer prevention pro
  249. Mylan launches Letrozole Tablets for hormone receptor-positive early stage breast can
  250. Nausea and vomiting are most feared of all chemotherapy-related side effects