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  1. weight, weight gain after diagnosis adversely affect survival in breast cancer
  2. promising: RANKligand inhibition vs progression of bone mets AND INCREASES SURVIVAL
  3. Just finding little things to keep me busy...
  4. Happy Holiday's To All
  5. Looks like my hair is coming back???????
  6. factors which predict long term survival in bc patients with brain mets
  7. Any Advice for friend with IBC and triple negative
  8. Happy Birthday TriciaK
  9. New Taxotere (doxcetaxel) Injection Concentrate Data to be Presented at S.A.
  10. Nitewind Happy Birthday Susan!!!!!!
  11. hki-272
  12. Mets to thyroid question???
  13. Trigger finger
  14. IBC---you must read this
  15. My thanks to everyone
  16. New site devoted to BC BRAIN METS...
  17. antibacterial compound found in soaps, detergents, wipes disrupts hormones, ?Incr. bc
  18. ~Ssshh~I Think I Am Still Asleep....
  19. ~'LilAcorn's Update & Prayer Request...
  20. ~Prayer Requests For Mighty Oaks Muga Scan Today...
  21. Need a program to keep a daily medical journal
  22. Gratitude and Worries
  23. This really alarmed me
  24. using Achilles' heel of cancerous growth to target cancerous cells w radiation
  25. The BEST Christmas present ever!
  26. My Thigh
  27. ~Laurie...Farewell to Herceptin
  28. Happy Birthday KATE (tousled1)
  29. With much gratitude and appreciation...and not a single joke...an update from Flori~
  30. Italian Docs Cancer research fundraiser...
  31. Round 3-----ixempra-----then Tykerb
  32. Positive Thoughts
  33. study cites 5% false positive rate of tumor markers
  34. alcohol intake association w bc risk seems to be hormone receptor dependent
  35. hurrah! the Swedish beancounters come out for herceptin!
  36. Progression; New Triple Combo Wednesday
  37. restoring the ability of compounds to cross blood-brain barrier(lost since neonate)
  38. 2nd Opinion
  39. Just a little humor injection
  40. Prefer to go to the dentist rather than the oncologist...
  41. Good news on scans - frustration with docs
  42. Herceptin Today, Longer Infusion time
  43. Please pray for my friend and her brother...
  44. Have a totally great symposium, Her2 Gang!
  45. New Forum
  46. Monitoring estrogen level
  47. News from San Antonio
  48. To Anne, our dentist: Biosulphonates and osteonecrosis
  49. To Lupron or not to Lupron
  50. I think it is a bit funny..
  51. Just testing please ignore
  52. Toenails no longer grow? (Odd)
  53. Hey Kate!
  54. Tyverb receives positive opinion from Europe Medicines Agency
  55. Thanks
  56. How do I access an free article?
  57. Bone loss returns to pre-AI levels, when AI is discontinued
  58. Those we have lost.
  59. Who has recurred after four years?
  60. My father died last night
  61. We Are Family
  62. Congestion & Herceptin ???
  63. In a Fog
  64. Vitiligo, anyone heard the loss of pigment in skin from AI?
  65. just whining
  66. Joe, you recently posted that
  67. patient centered her2+ breast cancer research--PLEASE VOLUNTEER to donate your tumor
  68. to all those who didn't get to finish their course of herceptin
  69. New faster method2 determine if shorter course of herceptin equally effective
  70. CD 40 signalling predicts pathol complete response to neoadjuvant herceptin, T-FEC
  71. statistics on her2+(and also triple-) breast cancers which metastasize to brain
  72. for Jean and others with very small tumors--her2status trumps size
  73. new option on the way--oral vinorelbine
  74. Herceptin/Cancer/Paranoia/Aches and Pains
  75. ~'LilAcorn's Lumpectomy Update...
  76. New Web Calculator for tx and survival includes Her2
  77. Joe and Christine...forgive me
  78. ~Just For BILL~Our Dear Nicola's Husband
  79. PTEN question
  80. Joe, Christine or Lani....
  81. PET/CT results
  82. nuking it with microwaves--preop thermotherapy reduces neoadjuv anthracycline treated
  83. Twas the night before chemo...
  84. Navilbene Side Effects Please
  85. ASCO 2008 at McCormick Place in Chicago
  86. any news about Herceptin clinical trials?
  87. Good news for the holidays--how herceptin has changed the prognosis of her2+ breast
  88. Herceptin + Tykerb, again
  89. here us something we ALL can do to REALLY speed up a cure for her2+ breast cancer!
  90. Question for Sheila
  91. Losing weight without trying...
  92. It's My Cancerversary - One Year Out!
  93. CPA, BELIEVE51 and any OTHERS that believe they are "just" caregivers...
  94. Great News For All
  95. Her2umor study
  96. herceptin effective in those w too many chromosome 17s as well as as too much her2
  97. higher dose Faslodex works even better...hint that even higher doses may be
  98. ~Bone Mets, Lytic Lesions YES; Blastic Lesions....WHAT??
  99. Is this a crazy idea?
  100. ~BECKY~Happy Birthday Sweet Friend...
  101. her2+ER- more likely to metastasize to brain that her2+ ER-
  102. another monumental discovery--and not even presented at SABCS
  103. Tired all the time...
  104. herceptin discontinued due to LVEF drop
  105. AIs found responsible for joint,tendon pain and dry mouth,eyes
  106. Prosthesis ...any do's and don'ts?
  107. early detection/hope of prevention of jaw problems of those on bisphosphonates
  108. Well - here I go again
  109. Hello Again
  110. Does this sound like skin mets?
  111. First Treatment Of Ixabepilone (ixempra)
  112. herceptin wkly vs q 3wks?
  113. of that subpopulation of her2+ bc patients who have brain mets
  114. Wouldn't it be loverly--two ways to supress aromatase in BREAST ONLY--potential for
  115. 2 DO LIST - HER2UMOR STUDY - Please add line items
  116. genes identified that protect the heart against anthracycline damage
  117. Lani - Your Opinion on a Paper at SABCS
  118. Ask the Experts Conference - SABCS Research
  120. Hi Everyone...
  121. My very best...
  122. A ticklish issue: Tissue rights--once removed, who does tissue belong to?
  123. Happy Two Year Cancerversary Chelee!!
  124. major advance in understanding of breast tumorigenesis
  125. you may not want to read this one if you got anthracyclines
  126. new drug improves survival, qual of life when combined with WBR(whole brain radiation
  127. you DEFINITELY ARE what you eat! soy milk consumption and nipple fluid contents
  128. With "Pomp and Circumstance" playing in the background...
  129. Patient Advocacy Project
  130. Good news on Becky's birthday!
  131. another advantage , yes, advantage of being her2 positive!
  132. progress in lymphedema research-- hormone may help prevent it, also metastatic spread
  133. Ixempra--neulasta--neupigin
  134. Christmas Greetings Thread
  135. ***HAPPY 6TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY "HER2support.org"***
  136. What on Earth could this BE?!?
  137. transplant/gvhd
  138. curry and green tea, anyone? not her2 specific, but ER+ specific research
  139. End of the year drug pipeline review
  140. Medical Information
  141. reversibility of herceptin cardiotoxicity--but 1author may have conflict of interest
  142. Italian article raising the question of when 2 stop herceptin in Stage IV NEDpatients
  143. For all the "HER2" angels...Christmas in Heaven
  144. Hello and questions
  145. Second Life for us
  146. predicting who will respond to herceptin based on type, quality of immune cells
  147. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!
  148. Happy Birthday RhondaH!!
  149. Our Message of Thanks and Hope
  150. Now here is a Christmas present-A trial-Is oligometastic bc curable with stereot rads
  151. WHY it is exceedingly important not to let hospitals throw away tumor specimens!!!!
  152. Adios Mr. Port...Hope to never see you again!
  153. Period back...after 32 months
  154. ingredient in Jalapeno peppers induces cancer cell death
  155. LA Times - first person - worth reading...
  156. nail in the coffin for giving anthracyclines to non-her2+ breast cancer patients?
  157. does her2 gene amplifcn combine with oncoproteins from HPV infection 2 cause her2 BC?
  158. Congrats DonnaD No More Treatments!!!!!
  159. Looks like I am joining another club , here
  160. Mastectomy Question - Repost
  161. Retrying chemo-what does your onc say?
  162. Six Month Check Up AND Surprise Bone Scan Today
  163. Prayers please
  164. Progression free survival vs overall survival
  165. Test results are wonderful!
  166. Has anyone heard from Michele U?
  167. one more important SABCS abstract
  168. Bone Scan Fine
  169. Hermiracles Wondering how Herceptin Treatment went
  170. Skin rash & Heavy period
  171. To Bill
  172. Have you been asked to take a survey?
  173. itchy scar
  174. TRUTH - is it basically over?
  175. Joanne "Jojo" d'almeida (1968 - 2007)
  176. A word of appreciation to Lani
  177. Kat in the Delta
  178. Have You Noticed People Avoiding You
  179. Broccosprouts
  180. CEA Levels for Early Stage NED
  181. Happy New Year--a new and promising oral drug which crosses the blood brain barrier
  182. for the newly diagnosed: a new and better way for surgeon to localize the tumor
  183. Hopefully the FDA will approve ...
  184. To All,
  185. Need Your Advice and Guidance
  186. Improving immune functions
  187. New Year Greeting Thread
  188. Here's cheer's to all....
  189. Skin rash - Part II
  190. Happy New Year!
  191. Hair Started Falling Out On New Years Eve
  192. Taxol with Avastin Greatly Slowed BC Progression
  193. for those who had DCIS, a new revelation?
  194. Excessive Coughing/Herceptin ???
  195. Conseco Supplemental Insurance
  196. Believe51- it seems male BRCA carriers are at risk for male breast cancer as well as
  197. continuing herceptin after diagnosis of brain mets SIGNIFICANTLY affects survival
  198. for those asking about new research about the origins/effects of chemobrain
  199. the government bean counters want a trial of a Finher like regimen vs the HERAregimen
  200. disparity in Canadian provinces regarding use of AIs, small molecule drugs
  201. anyone having trouble taking aromatase inhibitors?
  202. Reconstructive Surgery, Pre or Post Radiation?
  203. Tricia K...
  204. Osteoporosis - Post menopausal bone loss
  205. ca27.29
  206. Off to MIRAVAL SPA
  207. unravelling way to protect heart from herceptin, chemo
  208. Problem?
  209. Lolly
  210. Hi Everyone
  211. Chemo brain
  212. Royal Marsden Fire
  213. liver mets people all please come out
  214. I strongly recommend all go to www.sabcs.org and
  215. Are antioxidant supplements contraindicated?
  216. her2 positivity changes everything--tumor cells can disseminate from earliest stages
  217. I had heard in presentations that ER+PR- is often a sign of increased growth factor
  218. for those who are ER-: tamoxifen (derivative) may work on ER- breast cancer!
  219. Happy Birthday - Beckie, Geraldine and Patricia
  220. Miraval - we miss you all here
  221. How to check out a foundation/organization
  222. ~Mighty Oak~A Little Inspiration For All....
  223. Good review of latest on cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines, herceptin,radiatntherpy
  224. Lani, have you seen any reports..
  225. high rates of false ER and her2 testing cited in Wall St Journal article
  226. Hello and Questions Update
  227. Herceptin Time Period
  228. Your Experience with Zometa
  229. Nutrition and Cancer
  230. Lani's Biospecimen Repository Proposal -- PLEASE READ
  231. question about her2
  232. An Idea
  233. lymphedema or carpal tunnel - specialist?
  234. 3rd Cancerversary
  235. Looking back...how lucky we are!!
  236. Worried about liver mets
  237. Olympian Dorothy Hamill treated for bc
  238. People still just don't get any of *it*!
  239. Question....I am confused
  240. Carvedilol / Coreg - Headaches
  241. Md Anderson
  242. Denosumab, for bone loss prevention
  243. scalp driving me nuts
  244. To Lani, Flori, Cynthia and others interested in the tissue sample project.
  245. Opinions please
  246. Hair color
  247. canadian rocker diagnosed
  248. Zometa
  249. Consultation appointment
  250. As I thought